Selepas Hishammuddin Hussein turun berkempen di Cameron Highlands dan kemudian suasana kempen didominasi beberapa hari oleh Najib Razak, suatu perkara yang nyata ialah Zahid Hamidi semakin dilupakan oleh warga UMNO sendiri. Meskipun masih berjawatan sebagai Presiden UMNO tanpa kuasa berikutan keputusannya menyerahkan [...]


Six of Wall Street’s largest financial institutions opened their books to the public this week, revealing a blockbuster quarter for the industry and some insight into a surprisingly stormy global economy. First, there were record profits to consider. Even before Morgan Stanleyreported its results on Thursday, total [...]


JOHOR BARU – Police are investigating what appears to be the rape of a Year One pupil by her classmates in their school here, although details are sketchy for now. It is learnt that the seven-year-old victim was raped during recess by three of her classmates inside the boy’s toilet. Their act was uncovered [...]