1. How the BETRAYAL by Si Kitol  not only is the cause of the destruction of the Malacca Sultanate but without even realizing it,  his actions also have to divide the community at the time.2. The people’s hatred of the TREASON was such, that after being punished, his body and house were thrown into the sea.3. [...]


The Covid-19 pandemic has brought many challenges to governments around the world. Leaders have been forced to make decisions which have a major impact on the electorate and often affect the country’s international image. The big question initially was how much emphasis to put on the health and lives of their [...]


LOS ANGELES: Filming in Britain for the latest Batman movie has been halted after its star Robert Pattinson reportedly tested positive for the coronavirus, just days after shooting had resumed. “A member of ‘The Batman’ production has tested positive for Covid-19, and is isolating in accordance with [...]