This is from Malaysia Dateline here.
kesal dihalang adakan sidang media di Royal S’gor Club
Kelab DiRaja S’gor Bukit Kiara menerima arahan Bukit Aman
tidak benarkan sidang akhbar dengan Tun Mahathir esok (Selasa)
Jumaat lalu tersebar jemputan sidang media di Kelab Diraja S’gorZaid Ibrahim akan adakan sidang media di kediamannya esok
di kediamannya di Tropicana jam 9 pagi esok
sidang media bersama Dr Mahathir, Lim Kit Siang serta  Lim Guan Eng

Zaid kecewa dengan tindakan Bukit Aman

Najib jelas takut Melayu masuk DAP
mereka lama berbohong mengenai DAP

bimbang kemasukan saya akan jelaskan keadaan sebenar

Zaid dilantik sebagai menteri undang-undang pada Mac 2008
Zaid letak jawatan selepas kritik ISA digunakan terhadap Teresa Kok



My comments :  A friend says that it cannot be the work of Bukit Aman or the Special Branch to get involved in dirty tricks like this. The friend says it is possible that someone called the Royal Selangor Club and pretended to be from Bukit Aman or Special Branch.

The MOI’s boys are capable of doing things like this, especially that Sup Kambing Kuala Kangsar fellow.

The news has been flying around for a few weeks now that Zaid Ibrahim plus one more former ex UMNO stalwart will be joining the DAP.   Zaid’s “inauguration” is happening tomorrow.  The other ‘stalwart’ will have to rethink.

Zaid Ibrahim quit his job as a Cabinet Minister because he did not agree that the ISA should be used against Theresa Kok, DAP’s MP for Seputeh. Also that female reporter from the Chinese media. This happened some years ago.

Zaid embodies the phrase ‘I may not agree with what you say but I will defend with my life your right to say what you want to say’.  The phrase was written down by Evelyn Beatrice Hall who wrote a biography of the French thinker and philosopher Voltaire.  I fully subscribe to the same phrase as well.  Thats why people read my Blog.

(Those of you who send really silly and/or time wasting comments which I delete, you can please go and set up your own Blog and write what you want. I will defend your right to say what you want – no matter how silly it is – in your own Blog.)

Knowing Zaid personally, I can say that Zaid’s views and his thinking are far too advanced for UMNO, especially UMNO Kota Bharu where he was Division chief.

What exactly is Zaid’s thinking?  Well, for one example Zaid does believe in complete freedom of speech. That is why he quit from his Cabinet post after the ISA was used against Therea Kok and that Chinese reporter girl.  Obviously the UMNO boys under MOI cannot handle this.

The next big question is will Zaid stand as a DAP candidate in the coming General Elections? And where? The Press can ask him tomorrow.