I just had to stop myself from laughing when I read of Jamzuri Ardani, a delegate from Selangor at his party’s recently concluded Parti Amanah Negara (PAN) National Convention, offering to ‘protect’ DAP from constantly being attacked by the ‘manipulation and lies’ of its enemies. DAP doesn’t need PAN’s protection. In fact, PAN better learn, or risk getting eaten alive – by DAP.

The height of ludicrousness was reached only a while ago when it was reported by that PAN, a PAS splinter party and member of the DAP-led Pakatan Harapan coalition had pledge to defend the Chinese-based chauvinist and racist party from ‘manipulation’ and ‘lies’ being spread about it by its enemies. Talk about imprudence and not to forget, gullibility.

The speed at which DAP has successfully brainwashed the PAN faithful to carry out its directives is quite noteworthy and a marvel in and of itself. It would seem like DAP’s investment in helping to set up and run this party is already promising returns of multiple folds!

Inability to function properly

The new mosquito party, which mainly consists of former PAS members who lost the PAS party elections conducted at the party’s muktamar last year, may be likened to a test tube baby given life from the disillusionment and betrayal generated by its parents. The accelerated form of growth this baby has undergone indicates some serious problems that are likely to befall it, namely, certain organs of its body may come to be deformed or fail to function as they should.

In the case of PAN, the seeming inability of the party’s ‘brain’ to function as it should be indication enough already that such is indeed the case (for a comprehensive diagnosis, refer to your expert O&G)

That aside, however, what I have previously written on PAN becoming a fortress of defence for DAP is finally proven true by non-other than a spokesperson of that party itself.

Starting from the colour of the party – orange – from its logo, which was taken from a television and radio station based in Tamil Nadu, India, to its yet to exist party constitution, coupled with the shameless appropriation of parliamentary as well as state seats by so-called ‘elected representatives’ of the party who won them under the PAS ticket at the last general election, and DAP’s unconditional support of the party, all come together in a potpourri of opposites and contradictions that have gone beyond a joke.

Lies and manipulation? Please!

According to this chap, Jamzuri, ‘lies’ and ‘manipulation’ being served up by enemies of DAP relate to ‘national, Malay and Musliim’ issues and these are used unfairly portray the ethnic Chinese party as extremist.

Far be it for me to question the reasoning of a representative from a party that is barely year old, but what is the rationale behind an offer to protect and defend a fellow but senior coalition member a whole fifty years older than your own party from being attacked? To show mistaken solidarity or feign misplaced concern, perhaps?

Selangor PAN Delegate Jamzuri Ardani (left) has pledged PAN's services in 'protecting' DAP against alleged disinformation

Selangor PAN Delegate Jamzuri Ardani (left) has pledged PAN’s services in ‘protecting’ DAP against alleged disinformation

As a politician, it seems Jamzuri has yet to learn the simple truth that DAP is far from perfect. Far from being a target of ‘lies’ and ‘manipulation’, everyone who is everyone who has lived in this country for more than a couple of years all know the position DAP takes in ‘national, Malay and Muslim’ issues. The various positions taken all have but one thing in common – they provoke the fury of the Malay Muslim populace as the native majority of this nation of ours at a constant rate. This is no lie, it is fact.

DAP lucky there are idiots who defend it at every turn

Always time and again when DAP is condemned for taking untenable positions with respect to Malay Muslim matters, there appears magically out of the blue a group of misguided idiots of the Muslim persuasion dedicated to defending DAP as if that party can do no wrong and is in fact, acting in the best interest of Islam. DAP’s harmful justifications in support of its unabashedly anti-Islam positions are then repackaged and reserved laced with their own flawed interpretation of the intent behind them, aided by a misreading of Islamic sources or syara’. This helps disseminate the lies of the chauvinist party into sundry messages that must be heard and practised by all and sundry of this world.

Birds of a feather. From left, DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang with his lap dogs, Anwar Ibrahim (PKR), Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed (PPBM) and Mat Sabu (PAN)

Birds of a feather. From left, DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang with his lap dogs, Anwar Ibrahim (PKR), Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed (PPBM) and Mat Sabu (PAN)

DAP has proven its credentials then as well as now as being as anti-Islam and anti-Malay as any non-Muslim, non-Malay entity can get, no matter how many times Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed, Anwar Ibrahim or Muhammad Sabu say otherwise.

Ordinarily, it is of little concern should UMNO and DAP trade barbs amongst themselves in political matters. But when the subject matter of anything issue raised or debated touches upon Islam or its interests, then those involved on one end of the debate is no longer just UMNO, but the whole of the Islamic ummah.

Ummah matters not partisan

So anyone who believes that matters and disputes between these two parties do not concern Islam nor its ummah are gravely mistaken. UMNO, as well as PAS and any other Muslim political party, are merely trustees of a mandate given them by the Islamic ummah of this nation to protect and cater for their interests in Parliament, as well as the legislative assemblies of the various states in Malaysia. The ummah have NOT, and never have, consented to these parties betraying or making light of this trust afforded to them.

Any ‘deal’ between the Islamic ummah and these parties whose representatives get elected to these various legislatures mentioned heretofore at the pleasure of the ummah ipso facto becomes void when these elected representatives cease to represent those who have chosen them by pursuing their own whimsical desires.

PAN's logo is derived from Tamil Nadu radio and television station Imayam (left)

PAN’s logo is derived from Tamil Nadu radio and television station Imayam (left)

PAN especially has virtually zero authority to bargain for seats because whatever of these they have at present was all won under the ticket of another party that they have stabbed in the back and betrayed. The trust and mandate given to elected representatives of this party therefore is totally null and void.

You see, a person bargains with whatever he or she owns or possesses by legitimate means, not by making stolen goods objects of trade. This is as undeniable as it is fact.

So-called ‘progressives’

Considering that PAN’s history has to do with a certain ‘progressive’ Islamist NGO which constantly cloaks itself in illusions of grandeur, whereby this NGO has positioned PAN as the progressive alternative to PAS which has strayed from the original path, therefore the said NGO is also indirectly involved in this dirty political game.

The proof that PAN is but a puppet of DAP is clear from the action of the party’s deputy president (which also held a high position in the NGO I allude to), who had to request permission from DAP before making any public remarks about that party.

PAN shouldn’t delude itself

Many also know that the current leaders of PAN hail from the top leadership of the said NGO and I believe that many more will be instructed to asist in the activation of the PAN party machinery in view of the impending 14th General Election. The public also knows where exactly the priorities of this non-partisan NGO lie.

PAN is also mistaken if it believes that racist and chauvinist DAP appreciates PAN’s offer to protect it from any attack by its enemies. Such an offer is more likely to be viewed with disdain and slammed by DAP leaders as unneeded patronisation of the ethnic Chinese party. This faux fawning and sense of brotherhood with DAP will not endear PAN to anyone, Chinese as well as non-Chinese, what more cement the party’s image amongst Malay Muslim voters.

DAP, MCA and Gerakan all work together in defending and promoting Chinese interests in Malaysia

DAP, MCA and Gerakan all work together in defending and promoting Chinese interests in Malaysia

PAN’s ambitious courting of DAP discounts the fact that DAP isn’t the only racist and chauvinist entity out there that is opposing all and sundry that has even a whiff of Malay or Islam to it. MCA and Gerakan are also in the running with DAP for who deserves this role the most. These three ethnic Chinese-based parties are practically competing with each other as to who among them can be anointed the most anti-Islam and anti-Malay ‘champion’ of the lot.

DAP, MCA and Gerakan are all the same

The three also have more in common than they have differences – championing of Chinese interests, education and Mandarin vernacular schools, close cooperation in economic matters and a strong defence of their own Chinese culture are but a few examples. Whatever ‘disagreements’ amongst them are but acts to throw their enemies off guard.

The DAP, being a party of 50 years standing in Malaysian politics, is nowhere nearly as naïve and stupid as PAN which has set for itself unrealistic and unattainable goals despite being barely a year old. DAP is a master of deception and political survival. Complaining, instigating fights between its political allies and flaming the fans of hatred as well as sowing seeds of division in order to derive political rewards as well as foment and perpetuate further Malay political divide is part of their daily mantra.

DAP does not need PAN to be its bodyguard. No way, Jose.

If the situation were to require it, PAN itself would find itself eaten by DAP, alive.

Mohd Luttfi Abdul Khalid