Well the Trump ‘meeting’  is bouncing around.

First some interlude. Just flew back from Kelate this afternoon. We drove up to attend Tun Dr Mahathir’s inaugurating “Pakatan Harapan Kelantan”  in Machang on Friday.  Saw plenty and have plenty to say.

But first about the trip north.

It was super cool. We drove up through Ipoh on Thursday, stopping for nasi ganja. Next stop Kuala Kangsar for pau. After that we reached Gerik and then across the East West Hiway to Jeli. The East West Hiway brings back so many personal memories for me – memories about great commitments and sacrifices.  And all was good for us in the land.

We reached a remote part beyond Jeli in the darkness where we parked the Merc in a kampong house and  jumped on a Four Wheel Drive which was waiting for us. Then it was a bumpy drive up a 1000 foot hill in pitch blackness along a steep rutted track.

Once we reached the thousand foot crest there was a nice wooden bungalow sitting right at the top.  At night the temperature was cool, the breeze was amazing and the view was fantastic. In the distance we could see the lights all the way to Golok on one side and Kota Bharu on the other end. In between, a thousand feet below,  were twinkling kampongs, distant street lights and houses sprinkled between the trees. (Wow do you think I can be a travel writer as well.)

Our host had promised a ‘satisfaction guaranteed’ night in the jungle. He was on the dot. Dinner was a barbecue that was fantastic. Shouldnt go into details. Suffice to say the cholesterol was overwhelming. Except for the meat everything else was homegrown, including the really tasty pucuk paku with chili padi.

The next morning I was up at 5:30 am, trying to figure out the lay of the land.  When the sun came up at about 7:00 am we could see the paddy fields, the kampongs and Kelantan just stretching out into the distance. The morning mist and low clouds were floating past way below where we were standing. There is really so much beauty in the land.

Breakfast was a killer too. Hot, hot black coffee, sunny sides up, more egg stuff, hot crispy toast with real butter and durian kampong – served on a breezy verandah a thousand feet up in the jungle.  It was satisfaction indeed.    Just something to share.

Now here is the boring part. We heard about the Donald Trump meeting.  During his campaigning, Trump promised to “drain the swamp”. So when we heard that Trump was letting  the Swamp Crocodile into the White House, something did not jive.

Has Trump been bought, just like Obama was bought ? Remember this guy Mr Frank White :

He smiles like a crocodile.  He was Obama’s No. 1 fund raiser. According to the Wall Street Journal,  Mr White the Swamp Alligator was paid tens of millions of US DOLLARS by the kleptocrats, using our 1MDB money.  Of course some of that money went into Obama’s reelection campaign. That was why Obama visited Malaysia TWICE in two years. Someday, someone will blow the lid off this Obama episode as well. Its not over till the fat lady sinks.

So has Donald Trump also been bought? Trump is a US Dollar billionaire. How much money  would you need to pay to get on the good books of a billionaire?  It does not sound feasible at all.

There is plenty speculation about why Trump has agreed  to  let the Swamp Crocodile into the White House.  It does not make sense. Unless the meeting is to show the Crocodile some exit options.

‘Leave while you still have your head and tail intact’.

The Washington Post is making a career out of saying that Trump is not suitable for the presidency. Saving the crocodile from the Swamp may not improve Trump’s esteem in the mainstream American media.

Why Trump would want to even meet a Crocodile that is already facing CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS by the US DOJ is a mystery only if there is no head chopping axe in the other hand.