I believe I have never posted anything about HRH The Sultan of Johor before.

The Sultan’s statement and his precise language about that “Muslims Only” laundry in Johor has to be fully appreciated.

We should all applaud and salute HRH the Sultan of Johor for his clear and decisive message against  the Talibanisation of the country.  Congratulations to HRH the Sultan.

It is about time we had some bold leadership against the Talibanisation of this country. I prefer to call them “retards”.

Here is The Star  :


JB : Sultan of Johor, Sultan Ibrahim Ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar ordered controversial Muslim-only launderette in Muar to immediately stop its discriminatory practice or risk being shut down by him.

I cannot accept this nonsense.

This is Johor, which belongs to Bangsa Johor and it belongs to all races and faiths.

This is a progressive, modern and moderate state.

This is not a Taliban state and as the Head of Islam in Johor, I find this action to be totally unacceptable as this is extremist in nature,” he said.

His Majesty ordered the state Islamic religious affairs committee, religious council and district council to investigate.

Sultan spoken to Mufti Johor and state exco for religion over the matter.

I want the owner to apologise to me and the people of Johor.

He has made Johoreans very angry and embarrassed

this is not the Johor we want.

The owner has gone against the vision of a united, harmonious, moderate and tolerant Johor.

If he still insists on carrying on the Muslim-only practice, he can leave Johor.

I suggest he set up shop in Afghanistan.

His thinking is sick and goes against everything that Johor stands for

His Majesty, who was visibly upset, said he and his family members were “deeply appalled” by the action of the launderette owner, saying if this was not stopped, it would lead to more narrow-minded actions in the name of Islam.launderette had a sign saying only Muslims were allowed to use its machines.

owner first put up Muslim-only notices

after controversy new sign “Muslim-friendly.”
Don’t try to be clever. It’s still the same.

The owner needs to have his brains cleaned up.

I want to put a stop to such extremism.

Extremism has no place in my state.

We take pride in being Bangsa Johor

I want to know where owner of this launderette learn his Islam?

Islam teaches tolerant and respect other people and faiths,” he said

Tunku Idris Sultan Ibrahim expressed dismay over launderette’s move

“Is this for real? I’m appalled” in his Instagram.

I wonder where this launderette owner washes his clothes when he is overseas?

Is he saying only the clothes of Muslims are clean and those of non-Muslims are unclean?

That’s what he means, I believe.

I am directing business owners who carry out such blatant discriminatory practices should have their licences revoked.

Don’t mess around with your narrow-minded religious prejudices.

His Majesty added that he could not keep quiet on the issue, as if this was allowed to go unnoticed, “then next we will have taxis for only Muslims or non-Muslims.”He said he also did not want other races to carry out similar actions.

My comments : Daulat Tuanku.  This is real leadership.

This is what we need to see in the Malay political leadership as well.
Instead they are all keeping quiet.

Waiting to see which way the wind blows first.

Back to the subject, all over the country the retards are getting dumber than ever.

Here is something else. This is from the “Serambi”  of the retards itself :


They arrested a Muslim man for wearing shorts !!

 They would rather that men played futsal dressed like this :


I do have some points to share with HRH The Sultan of Johor.

Where do the people learn these strange beliefs? That is point No. 1.

Then where do they learn that they must impose their retarded beliefs unto other human beings? That is Point No. 2.

I would like to humbly inform HRH the Sultan that none of these beliefs are found in the Quran.

The Quran NEVER teaches that Muslim laundrettes cannot be used by non Muslims.

Instead the Quran says very clearly:

Surah 49:13

“O mankind, indeed We have created you from a male and a female and made you peoples and tribes that yoy may know one another. Indeed the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you. Indeed Allah is Knowing and Acquainted.”

The true Islam that is carefully preserved in the Quran is inclusive, caring and kind towards all human beings.

To answer Points 1 and 2 above, the people learn these strange extra Quranic and unQuranic beliefs obviously  from sources other than the Quran.

This is where the problem lies.  As long as the Muslims DO NOT CONFRONT THIS HUGE PROBLEM then they will forever be in confusion and be a nuisance to themselves and to the human race.

And we cannot expect the people who believe in, who preach and teach these same extra Quranic and unQuranic beliefs to be the agents of change who will get rid of these strange beliefs.  That is not going to happen.

Tikus tidak boleh membaiki labu.

Akhir kalam,  we again salute HRH the Sultan of Johor for his bold statement.

Thank you Sir.

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