The Umno general assembly will start on Tuesday.

These are two of the usual Bernama stories the past week for the build up to the event;

Destiny Of Country, People Depends On Strength Of UMNO – Hishammuddin


“It is important for the delegates to concentrate on the 14th General Election – that is most important. Put aside the personal agenda. I hope they will not raise matters regarding party elections,” he said at his office at the Ministry of Defence.

Focus To Ensure BN’s Excellent Victory In GE14 – DPM Zahid


He also urged the UMNO members to forget for the time being the internal party election at the upcoming general assembly and to instead focus on the agenda to face the approaching GE.

He said the question of position in the party would be irrelevant if UMNO and the Barisan Nasional (BN) failed to achieve victory or merely obtained a small majority in the general election.

“What is the point of holding position in the party if we lose and cannot form the government, I feel this is no longer relevant, even if we sit on comfortable chairs in politics, this will be meaningless if we cannot form the government.

Both Hishammuddin and Zahid were reminding Umno members that they need to focus on the GE14, and not the party election which comes after that.

By right such a reminder is unnecessary but Hishammuddin and Zahid knew that the Umno delegates have always been more keen to use the general assembly as a meeting ground to lobby for positions with the party election in mind.

That was the case even during last year’s general assembly.

Some even had karaoke sessions in the evening after the meetings for that purpose.

Well, somehow that’s the way it is with people involved in politics in this country.

They always think much ahead than they should.

Even the anti-BN people tend to do the same.

Some Pakatan leaders were already talking about who is going to be what once they take over the government from BN.

They got excited with just the possibility of becoming ministers and such.


They talked as if they were so sure Pakatan will win the general election.

That’s why we have instances such as Rafizi manoeuvring to outdo Azmin, just in case Pakatan manage to win Putrajaya.

They really could hardly able to contain such nonsense under the lid.

Pas people who were supposed to only care about the afterlife also have the same mentality.

That’s why they had that big fight in 2015 which resulted with the setting up of Amanah.

It’s just the way they are.

So, Hishammuddin and Zahid were just wasting their energy trying to advise Umno members like that.

I’m quite sure they will still talk more about the party election than the GE14 at the general assembly.

Many of them feel that what’s the point of BN winning the general election when after that they lose their position in the party.

Personal interest comes first, then only the interest of the party….or maybe interest of the party comes much later after interest of many others who are more important to them.

So, never mind all that, okay.

Meanwhile, i really can’t stand Umno stories such as this,

UMNO Wanita Chief: Be Agile To Parry Accusations

I advise you not to click on the link, though. The story may damage your brain.


Be agile to parry accusations?

What is that la Shahrizat?

How to be agile? Explain la.

Simply says only this woman.

If people read the story they’ll get frustrated as they won’t get it what the woman meant by being agile or whatever else.


Talk only can la this Shahrizat.

Nothing but just that.

And the poor Wanita Umno ladies still kept her as their boss.

I really don’t understand why.

Last general election, I believe BN lost a few hundred thousands of votes just because of her and the cows.

Rafidah was much much better.

Miss that garang old girl.

Well, too bad.

Okay, I’m going to rest now.

Missing someone.

Playing this song again,