PAHANG DUN | Pahang Menteri Besar Adnan Yaakob has challenged Mentakab lawmaker Tengku Zulpuri Shah Raja Puji to a fist fight after a heated exchange in the Pahang legislative assembly today.

Tengku Zulpuri, who is also the de facto opposition leader in the state, had told the assembly that the state government should allocate more funds to resolve Mentakab’s flood woes.

The exchange sparked a shouting match between Adnan and Tengku Zulpuri as they argued over the recent floods in Penang as an act of God.

Tengku Zulpuri said blaming floods as divine retribution for “beer festivals” was invalid because floods happened elsewhere as well, including Jeddah, Saudi Arabia recently.

At one point, an irate Adnan said; “Tuan yang di-pertua. Keluar dewansaja (Mr Speaker. Let’s leave the chambers), alluding that he and Tengku Zulpuri should take matters outside.

On several occasions, Adnan could also be heard saying: “Islam kekhafir?” (Are you a Muslim or an infidel?).

According to a report by China Press, Adnan had at one point said that he was willing to create history by brawling in the legislative assembly.

Eventually, state speaker Ishak Muhammad managed to calm both individuals down and accepted Adnan’s proposal for an adjournment, although Tengku Zulpuri had not completed his speech.


Several witnesses said Adnan had asked Tengku Zulpuri to approach the government bench following the adjournment and threatened to tumbuk (punch) the opposition lawmaker.

In the same exchange, witnesses also said that Tengku Zulpuri had retorted and said that he was willing to be punched and will not retaliate.

Both BN and Harapan lawmakers managed to keep the duo from approaching the speaker’s bench.

Attempts to reach Adnan and Tengku Zulpuri for comments have been unsuccessful.

The video below, which was posted on the Facebook page belonging to Tengku Zulpuri’s wife, depicts the exchange between the duo during the sitting, but not the exchange which happened after the adjournment.

– M’kini