Someone sent me this yesterday. It is a picture of the back cover of school exercise books used in gomen schools.

I have long held that gomen schools have now become breeding grounds for “jihadi” indoctrination, of the type that will make the ISIS happy.

This exercise book cover is evidence enough of “jihadi” indoctrination in our gomen school system.

When we were in school in the 60s and 70s, the school exercise books only had the Rukunegara on the back cover. Now they have the Rukun Iman and Rukun Islam.

Then they also have this “Prinsip Asas Kami”.   Among other things it says,

“Jihad Perjuangan Kami” and “Syahid (Dying a Martyr’s death) Cita-cita kami”.


I recently received an email from a school teacher in Kuantan. She said that her school kids learn 6 periods of science and 4 periods of mathematics a week (or vice versa, dah lupa). That is a total of 10 periods of maths and science classes per week.

Then they also have 3 periods of Arabic and 6 periods of Agama classes a week !! The Arabic is also “tuned” towards Agama. This means that Agama + Arabic = 9 classes a week exceeds both science (6 periods) and maths (4 periods).

This is in the gomen schools. The non Muslim kids (Chinese, Indians, Ibans, Dusuns) are not exposed to 9 periods of agama and arabic per week.

I dont know what they do in those 9 periods, whether they learn other subjects or just hang around the class.

But certainly the non Malays (Chinese, Indians, Ibans, Dusuns etc) will use the time to study other subjects that are more practical for their lives.   School kids in Singapore, Vietnam, Japan, Germany will also be using that extra 9 periods to learn other subjects relevant to their future.

So is it any wonder then that when the Muslim kids grow up they will either be working for the non Muslims or be dependent on the non Muslims for basic necessities like clothes, food, transport etc?

Now we have China bailing out Malaysia by the billions, including our billions.

The NEP (or DEB) is never going to be fully achieved. The Wawasan 2020 is not going to be achieved.  The Wawasan 2020 has now become TN50.  “High Income nation” is becoming “no income nation” for many people (majority Malays) who are losing jobs and worse who cannot get jobs.

Maybe the school kids can recite the Rukuns and they know about jihad and mati syahid, but have they been taught not to litter, to present themselves properly for a job interview,    to come to work on time, to come to work at all,  to perform simple tasks on the job, to serve their employers, to serve ALL their customers well etc?

Maybe that is not so important. Jihad and syahid  are more important.

If they need shoes and clothes they can buy it from the non Muslims.

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