Pakatan Harapan will not cooperate with PAS in GE14
Pakatan Harapan will not cooperate with PAS in 14th General Election.three-hour meeting of Pakatan’s presidential council Monday night

Opposition coalition issued statement it would be breaking ties with PAS.

Pakatan Harapan will not cooperate with PAS in 14th General Election (GE14).

Pakatan Harapan preparing for three-cornered contests in GE14

Pakatan Harapan is Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia, DAP, PKR and Amanah.

PAS worked with PKR and DAP in last two general elections

My comments :  PAS is bodoh. That is putting it simply and mildly.  If you notice I rarely comment about PAS or that other party. They are not relevant. 

You see, even if they win, PAS is not relevant to the human race.

(Ok before I continue,  UMNO has completely killed off PAS.  They gave money to Bawang and a few others to buy them over. The money did not go to the party. Then the party is dead, financially they are almost broke. Their working with UMNO has cost them their future. PAS is dead. Now Pakatan Harapan has kicked out PAS from any cooperation.

The only lifeline for PAS now is if Wan Azizah still pushes for PAS’ assistance in Kelantan and if Azmin still seeks PAS’ help  in Selangor. 

Meaning PKR forms a back door alliance with PAS. 

Meaning a PKR – PAS – UMNO backdoor nexus.

Helen Ang was not too far off.  Hi Helen.)

PAS is not relevant to the human race.

I was in Kelantan last Thursday to Saturday. 

After 27 years of PAS rule in Kelantan, the State is being nailed tight inside their coffin.

They keep coming up with more “haram” restrictions.

For the past year or more ALL BUSINESSES IN KELANTAN must close for one hour during the Friday prayers. From 12:30 to 1:30 pm. 

We were driving all over Kota Bharu and Kelantan and all the shops were closed. From Kota Bharu to Pengkalen Chepa, to Bachok all the way to Besut on the Terengganu border was a complete shutdown.

And the shops were still closed until 2:30 pm. Lazy bums.

Chinese businesses were open. So China kaya lah lagi. Melayu miskin dulu. 

Then I saw a real shocking sight. 

Under a bridge near Pengkalen Chepa the river was swampy and overgrown with weeds and plants.   There was a man fishing in the water with a hand held trawl. 

If this was Zimbabwe or Papua New Guinea then it would have been a “rustic” sight. Rustic means countryside or rural appearance.

But this was “suburban” Kota Bharu !  Not Africa or Myanmar or Papua. A man catching his food in Kota Bharu.

The real shocker was what he was wearing.  You would expect a fisherman to be wearing some sort of Vietcong hat, a shirt and shorts or something more relevant to fishing under the sun in the muddy river.

Instead the guy was wearing a white turban (serban) and a long white jubah (white robe) and standing waist deep in muddy water.  Obviously this has become the “Islamic dress” for fishermen in Kelantan.

Mampus lah hangpa punya bodoh. What if there is a sudden current? Or a wave from a passing boat or a movement in the water? How do you swim to safety in serban and jubah?

What if he accidentally drops some fishing gear into the water or the net gets entangled at the bottom – does it mean he can dive (selam) into the water while wearing his serban and jubah? 

Mampus lah hangpa punya bodoh.

Do you all recall that huge flood that submerged Kelantan about FOUR YEARS ago ?? Well there are flood victims in Kelantan still living in tents after their dirt poor, ramshackle houses were destroyed by the floods.  The PAS *&^(*&$#^&$%# have not helped the people a tiny bit. They just do not care.

This is what their religion does to them. They become satanic.   

This is what 27 years of PAS has done for Kelantan.

A local friend said, ‘Kelantan is 40 to 50 years behind Malaysia’.   

Akhirul  kalam wa akhirul dakwaanan : You become stupid and poor.

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