I asked a best friend of mine, a Malaysian Chinese who became a Singaporean a few years ago of the reason to leave his country. He told me, he couldn’t get any placements in the public universities / scholarships due to his skin colour, and thus opt for the scholarship from foreign universities, despite scoring 4.0 cgpa in the A-Level (stpm) equivalent examination.

It’s disheartening to see that even happened in a country like Malaysia; you weren’t appreciated in your own country, but other countries welcomed you with open arms. I’m not sure how does the dominant race thinks of such high rate of brain drain happening to the country, it’s crippling the development of the country in the long run.

When the world’s media reported of white supremacists, i do feel like this is a brown supremacy that’s least known. It’s even worst than white supremacy as this is a well written law to discriminate against other group of citizens as i’ve learned, you could never see such law written in the United States Constitution.

Updates : as seen in comments below, most (not all though) would feel privileged as they do not think the land in the country rightfully belong to the minorities, thus 2 classes of citizenship. This is same as the white supremacist seen in the media, but they did it better by legalizing racism. When the world is moving away(albeit slowly) from that practice, they have proudly professed to be the superior being in the country. This is a very ugly side of Malaysia and i would wish they moved away from that practice in the future, i missed the nice beaches, the friendly people and mamatt restaurant/

WRITER: Gregory Lourdes, lived in Southeast As