BANKRUPT: completely lacking in a good quality.

Shallow: of little depth.

Evil: profoundly immoral or wicked.

Add up all the meanings of the three words above and it would be a partial description of the individuals in the Najib Razak camp behind the campaign to splash photographs of Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s granddaughter on social media and in Malay-language ragsheets.

Their game plan is simple: show pictures of the girl in modern, revealing and flashy clothes and damage Dr Mahathir’s credentials in the Malay heartland.

Exhibit the pictures and hope that the readers will reach this conclusion: if Dr Mahathir cannot influence his granddaughter to dress modestly or exemplify Islamic values, he cannot claim the mantle of being a Malay leader.

This tactic says as much about Najib’s operatives as it does the leader they are serving. These are evil and dastardly individuals.

Worse, they can’t outsmart, outshout or work harder than a 92-year-old.

And truth be told, they must be unsure or even unconvinced about the so-called achievements of the Najib era.

So, they go to the gutter and try and hurt Dr Mahathir by hurting and destroying his granddaughter.

These are the individuals who make up the brains trust of the ruling elite.

Some brains trust!

Bankrupt, shallow and evil.

These words do not even begin to describe the operatives and shady individuals in Camp Najib. Without anything suggesting an iota of intelligence, they go about running down people with pictures, hoping it says a thousand words without the need of adding anything more.

Their business plan is to keep churning out enough chaff for all to feed on and ignore the issues of the day, whether the issues are brought by Dr Mahathir or anyone else. They need to keep people occupied with gossip and innuendos, rather than focussing on what matters most for the country.

That they have made it to the mainstream media reflects how far their reach is and how low the standards are for what passes as news and propaganda these days.

The only thing that can be done is to ignore them and keep sight of the issues. And only we can decide if they should be put out of business for good.

What about Najib and family’s lifestyle, ask social media users

THE lifestyles of the prime minister and his family must also be scrutinised and highlighted as they are also known for their lavishness, social media users said.

They were responding to reports in two pro-Umno newspapers today, Utusan Malaysia and Berita Harian, which had highlighted the alleged lavish lifestyle of Meera Alyana Mukhriz, the granddaughter of Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

According to Utusan’s Sunday Edition, Mingguan Malaysia, the front-page article under the headline “Meera Alyana Mukhriz’s celebrity lifestyle”, was based on a Facebook posting by a group called “Sudahlah Mahathir”.

Facebook users like Daniel Mikael and Zailani Ariffin urged the pro-Umno papers to also highlight Najib’s family wealth as Mukhriz, who is Meera Alyana’s father, did not “steal the nation’s money”.

“Why didn’t they splash the ostentatious lifestyles of Najib’s wife and children and their cronies? Don’t trust any of the stories printed by Umno-owned media,” Subramaniam Applanaidu commented.

“Her father’s business (can sustain her), what about Najib’s son?” asked Daniel Mikael.

Other Facebook users pointed out that unlike Najib, Mukhriz Mahathir has held various posts in several business firms and is a successful businessman, which may have contributed to Alyana’s lifestyle.

“Her father is a businessman, there isn’t any problem if he (Mukhriz) wants to spend on his daughter,” commented Dedi Diya.

“Let her life be, she earned her money, as long as she doesn’t take money from the public,” said another Facebook user Wan Hamid.

“Their news is so annoying. That’s not GST money, not 1MDB money. So we don’t care about her wealth. Our concern is where did the 1MDB money go,” Zul Said commented.

User Angelina Andreas and Mohamed Reza Arabi even said Mukhriz should take legal action aganst the two Bahasa Malaysia newspapers.

“They should sue this Utusan to clear their name, and if it qualifies for defamation, it is a sure win,” Angelina Andreas said.

“Let Mukhriz take legal action,” Mohamed Reza Arabi said.

Dr Mahathir’s daughter, Marina, had earlier responded to the two news reports saying it was a desperate attempt to draw attention away from the 1MDB scandal.

“Desperate people trying to distract from this (the 1MDB scandal),” Marina told The Malaysian Insight.

Dr Mahathir has been the chairman of opposition coalition Pakatan Harapan since July and is the most vocal critic of the Najib administration, accusing the prime minister of stealing billions from the country’s coffers.