PETALING JAYA – MCA’s negotiating powers within Barisan Nasional will weaken should the support from the Chinese community continue to erode, says MCA president Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai.

In his speech during the party’s 68th anniversary celebrations today, the Bentong MP admitted without Chinese support, MCA will no longer sit on equal terms with Umno.

“Likewise, without the defence of MCA, the Chinese community will face all kinds of tough challenges.

“This is a harsh reality. Without doubt, politics is about gaining support.

“If the Chinese can support MCA strongly, then MCA will be able to fight for the rights and interests the Chinese deserve. If the support shrinks, our negotiating power will be weaken too. We cannot gain at the mercy of others,” he told party delegates at Wisma MCA in Kuala Lumpur.

Liow said following the rise of DAP, national politics has become more extreme with Chinese representation in mainstream politics becoming even more marginalised.

“Some (Chinese) are too optimistic and are myopically manipulated into believing that DAP could bring a better future. Today, you are seeing a clear picture.

“The Chinese at large must learn the political reality and made to understand that DAP can never be the best choice for them. Truth be told, in the previous two general elections, DAP had been using irresponsible political gimmicks to create a perceived Chinese unity, resulting in the dilution of Chinese representation,” he said.

He also claimed that by putting Chinese support under the Opposition before this, DAP had indirectly helped boost PAS’ power base and opened the “fatal floodgates” for hudud law.

As such, Liow pledged that MCA will continue to play its role in BN and will not simply withdraw itself.

“We will continue to play our role in BN. History reveals that the role of MCA and other parties in BN have been consistent in all issues, be it fighting for citizenship, insisting on multi-stream education, pushing for the setting up of the National Economic Action Council or the opposition to PAS’ Private Member’s Bill on Act 355,” he said.

Stating the theme for the party’s anniversary as “Stronger Together”, Liow promised the Chinese community that the party remains resolute in fighting for their rights despite facing much misunderstanding in its struggles.

– Sundaily