IF the opposition came to power, it would hunt for the missing 1MDB funds and pursue the matter to the prime minister’s door, Dr Mahathir Mohamad said today.

“We know where the money is, and we will try to take back all the money, even till Najib’s door,” the former prime minister said on Facebook live today, referring to the billions allegedly siphoned off 1Malaysia Development Bhd and Najib Razak’s denial that he was the beneficiary of the funds.

Dr Mahathir answered five questions during a 30-minute “Hangpa tanya, Chedet jawab” session.

“We (Pakatan Harapan) may not get it all back but we will get most of it,” the 92-year-old said.
He has accused Najib of tarnishing Malaysia’s reputation over the 1MDB debts and scandal.

In the session, Dr Mahathir also said the opposition is looking at not only preventing another 1MDB scandal but also to solve a related matter – the Bandar Malaysia issue.

“We not only want to prevent the 1MDB problem from happening again, but we also want to find a solution that can prevent the misuse of funds like in the 1MDB and Bandar Malaysia.”

The former prime minister, who led the country from 1981-2003, was asked if he was against the Chinese and investments from China in Malaysia.

“If there is a difference in status between two races in terms of wealth, then there will be tension and riots… this will also give birth to communism and socialism to bridge this disparity.

“That is why to avoid communism and socialism, we try to close the gap between the different races, regardless of whether they are Malay, Indian or Chinese.

“The prime minister of Malaysia sees China as a rich country and he wants that money, so he gives out big contracts to China, and buy electric trains from China, when he wants to pay, there is no money, so he sells our Malaysian land to China,” he said, referring to the convoluted deal surrounding Bandar Malaysia.

One viewer asked why Dr Mahathir did not turn Malaysia into a more Islamic nation when he was prime minister.

“Firstly, regarding the so-called Islamic policies, we accept it as a policy to inculcate Islamic values. Because not all Malaysians are Muslims, we cannot do something that can cause havoc.

“It is against our Islamic values to do that, God does not allow us to cause havoc. But if you look at the values of Islam, everyone accepts them… that is why we prioritise the values of Islam.”

He also touched on the high unemployment rate. Dr Mahathir said a peaceful, safe and business-friendly nation is crucial in creating more job opportunities.

“It is Najib’s policy to increase income, but increasing income alone does not solve the problem because when you increase income alone, the cost of production and living will also increase.

“So, if we have a lot of money, we will buy a lot of things which will inflate the price, this has happened in a lot of foreign countries till everyone is a millionaire, but no one can buy anything because of the drop in the value of the currency.”

At the end of the session, Dr Mahathir said he will be doing another live chat soon.

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