PAS today hit back at Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s accusation that it will play the role of “spoilers” in the next general election, saying it is the former prime minister’s fault that Barisan Nasional is still in power.

Party deputy president Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man said the people had a golden opportunity to bring down BN in the 13th General Election, but Dr Mahathir chose to be with Umno through Malay rights group Perkasa to ensure Prime Minister Najib Razak and BN remained in power.

“The reason BN remains in power until today is because of Dr Mahathir and the biased system retained by Dr Mahathir. Umno today is the result of your teaching,” Tuan Ibrahim said in a statement.

“So, Dr Mahathir should take a good look at himself first before accusing PAS as the party that would spoil the votes for opposition.”  

In a blog post yesterday, the Pakatan Harapan chairman accused PAS of being obsessed with its enmity towards Amanah and DAP, adding that the Islamist party would rather go down fighting in multi-cornered fights than stand up for Malays, Islam or the country.

He said PAS did not care about race, religion, and country, and did not prioritise the removal of the kleptocratic Najib administration,

Dr Mahathir pointed out that PAS had never won at the national level, saying the most parliamentary seats it had ever won on its own, without being part of a coalition, were 11.

He added that in many seats that PAS said it intended to contest, its role was only to spoil the votes for the opposition.

Tuan Ibrahim shot back today, saying the party’s struggles had never changed and it never wavered in upholding Islam.

“If you want to accuse PAS of spoiling (the votes), look (at yourself) in the mirror first and see who is consistent, (and) who is the one that always makes U-turns.

“PAS will continue fighting Umno in GE14 like in the past general elections. It is up to any party to contest in PAS’ traditional seats and turn it into three-cornered fights. It’s everybody’s democratic right.”  

He said the latest attacks against PAS only proved that PH and Dr Mahathir were fearful of the recent support that the Islamist party had been receiving.

PAS recently announced that it had identified more than 100 parliamentary seats that it would contest in GE14.

It also announced that it was going into the polls as part of the third bloc, Gagasan Sejahtera, comprising several parties and civil society bodies.

– https://www.themalaysianinsight.com/