KOTA KINABALU – Parti Warisan Sabah secretary general Loretto Padua Jr yesterday brushed aside allegations made by several quarters that Warisan is the proxy for Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed’s Persatuan Peribumi Bersatu Malaysia and that the party is part of Malaya’s agenda to continue its grip over the State once Umno Sabah was defeated and taken over by Warisan.

“This is not true at all; perhaps this rumour had been made viral by some conspiracy theorist cybertroopers who are not responsible at all with what they say,” he said in a statement here yesterday.

According to Loretto, before the formation of Warisan, most of the leaders (from the opposition camp) in Warisan had been fighting tooth and nail for Sabah and their respective constituencies to a high degree of success without any help from Mahathir before.

“Similarly, those previously from the BN camp had been doing whatever they need to do for Sabah through various means without any assistance from Mahathir, but alas, the autocratic and ineffective governance by Umno Sabah had led them to sacrifice everything for A Greater Sabah.

“So what makes the young leaders in Warisan suddenly lost their steams to the extent that they have to ask help from Mahathir?

“As far as I can see it, they are in such a jubilant mood and eager to enter the Umno bastion for the purpose of setting a better record than what the president of Warisan achieved in Sandakan,” he added.

Loretto also said that there had never been a massive political movement to topple the Umno Sabah regime since 1994 like the ones currently spearheaded by Warisan.

“What we are seeing here is something that the Sabahans have been waiting for a long time; the emergence of a local party that could finally wrest 1/2 of the 60 assembly seats currently held by Umno Sabah and also the rest of the non-Muslim seats.

“Granted, there had been a lot of character assasination attempts against Warisan young leaders with the main intention of confusing the Sabahans so that they (Sabahans) will forget the main recipe of defeating Umno Sabah but that is normal in politic.

“As for Warisan, we will continue to appreciate the massive reception and support given by the Sabahans towards this young but very passionate and determined party by continuing our multiple series of Jelajah Sabah and cluster campaigns within the grassroots level,” he explained.

Loretto also confirmed the grassroot rejuvination and restrengthening would be the main agenda of Warisan this year.

“Obviously, Warisan strives to act in total opposite to Umno Sabah’s method of governance; the main prorities will be upon the rural/interiors of Sabah.

“What we have in mind is the total and holistic rejuvenation of our rural/interiors of Sabah so that the choking effect of the cost of living against the people in the urban areas could effectively be reduced,” he said.

Loretto opined that the rural/interiors and urban cities of Sabah exist in such a simbiotic and interdependent relationship whereby the rural/interiors are a high-class producers while the urban cities provide high standard of services.

“This simbiotic and united Sabah could propel this State to become a high-income State and I reckon our Umno Sabah leaders realize it too but perhaps due to their own political necessity, such unity failed to materialize.

“For 25 years now, it has been the practice of Umno/BN Sabah to segregate the rural/interiors of Sabah from the urban cities for mere political survival to the extent that those in the urban cities have been hurling derogatory remarks against those in the rural/interiors of Sabah as the hardcore of BN.

“But why demonize these people in the rural/interiors of Sabah when it is actually the BN Sabah holding them as captives through economic control for the purpose of ensuring that BN will win any general election?” he explained.

“Warisan aims to unite these two areas (rural/interiors) because only through that unity that a prosperous and a great Sabah can be achieved.

“This will be elaborated more in our Jelajah Sabah this year,” he concluded.

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