KUALA LUMPUR: A man who claimed to be a DJ at a nightclub has been remanded for two days over his rant in a video against a traffic policeman.

Dang Wangi OCPD Asst Comm Mohd Sukri Kaman said the man, who is in his 30s, has been remanded for two days until Monday after he was arrested on Saturday.

The video clip, which is a minute and 42 seconds long, has gone viral.

It was recorded by the man from the front passenger seat of a car driven by the traffic policeman, who had asked him to take a breathalyser test.

He told the officer that he is a DJ at a nightclub, and denies being drunk.

The man then said he agreed to follow the policeman to the police station as he respects the police.

“But if the policeman discovers that I have not been drinking, what is he gonna pay me back?” he was heard asking the policeman in the recording.

The police officer then replied: “If you are intoxicated you will go to prison. If you did not drink, then you can go home.”

The man then claims the policeman is wasting his time and starts shouting profanities in his rant.

He also claims that he is a good Malaysian in the video.

The video continues with the man repeating the same question and demanding answers from the policeman.

He also alleged that the incident shows how corrupt the police are and promised to post the video on Facebook.

In an earlier statement on Saturday, ACP Mohd Sukri said that the incident occurred at about 3.45am at a road block on the Sungai Besi highway.

“The initial breathalyser test revealed that the man was intoxicated and drove his car under the influence of alcohol.”

ACP Mohd Sukri said that the policeman in the video drove the man’s car to the police station.

“Upon reaching the city traffic headquarters, a second breathalyser test revealed he was still intoxicated,” he said, adding that the man was then arrested.

ACP Mohd Sukri said the case was being investigated under Section 500 of the Penal Code, Section 233 of the Communications and Multimedia Act for the criminal offences related to the content of the video and Section 45a of the Road Transport Act 1987.