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JJ3 September 2017 at 11:40

September Public Holidays and Weekend Rest Day List :

Aug 31 (Thu) National Day
Sept 1 (Fri) Hari Raya Haji
Sept 2 (Sat)
Sept 3 (Sun)
Sept 4 (Mon) SEA Games Victory Special Holiday
Sept 9 (Sat) Agong’s Birthday
Sept 10(Sun)
Sept 11(Mon) Replacement for Agong’s Birthday
Sept 16(Sat)
Sept 17(Sun)
Sept 18(Mon) Replacement for Malaysia Day
Sept 22(Fri) Awal Muharram
Sept 23(Sat)
Sept 24(Sun)
Sept 30(Sat)

The whole September 30 days, after deducting weekends and public holidays, a total of 14 days off, only 16 work days.

[ A constant complain from a lot of companies…even with so many public holidays and rest days, the number of employees applying for Emergency Leave and MCs are high and a common happenings, with a fair number not turning up for work with NO notice or even calling in to inform…ini biasa la in our land of the leisurely 🙂 ]

Thanks commentator JJ.

Think about it guys.

We do rest a lot, okay.

All that despite so many of us complaining about the supposed hard life these days.

For a bunch of hard pressed people, we don’t seemed to complain too much about resting a lot.

Anyway, sometimes I do wonder if all those public holidays are really necessary.

Over the period of this one month, we have six public holidays.

Compare them with the number of public holidays in Singapore.

Click at this link please,

Singapore Public Holidays 2017 – Ministry of Manpower

They only have 11 for the whole of this year.

Well, click on this for,

Public Holidays in Malaysia in 2017

That doesn’t include special impromptu holidays like in Johor when the JDT team won some sorts of football tournament a few years back.

You can read about it here,

Guess, that’s just the way things are in this country.

I don’t think we can change it anyway because people will jump up and down if we want to cut down on the number of holidays.

Many will be up in arms on racial and religious sensitivities, okay.

Anyway, if I may suggest, why don’t we make it that certain holidays are only the rest days of those who are really connected with the occasions which warrant them.

Well, in conjunction with this restful public holidays month of September, here’s a song,

Raya only for Muslims, CNY only for Chinese, Deepavali only for Hindus, Christmas only for Christians, etc etc etc.

Those not really affected have to go to work.

How about that?

For one thing, we can reduce the congestion at the highways during those festive seasons.

I know, some of you all may ask, How about celebrating together gather?

I think, those really celebrating those occasions will appreciate it more if the rest of us can stay at work instead of joining the balik kampung rush and causing traffic jams and such.

Anyway, I don’t think we need to shut down the entire workforce for holidays such as Awal Muharram, Wesak and Thaipusam.

Let’s just the Muslims take the day off for Awal Muharram,  Buddhists for Wesak and Hindus for Thaipusam.

As for the special holidays….I think if JDT wins a tournament, let the players, coaches, manager, team owners etc etc have a holiday. The rest of Johor should continue work as usual.

Same goes with the other states.

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