SHAH ALAM – Batang Kali assemblyman Datuk Mat Nadzari Ahmad Dahlan was admonished by the Selangor state assembly for a remark he made during a seating on Nov 1 last year, the first time such an admonishment was issued.

The Umno assemblyman was reprimanded for his statement then that the Selangor state government does not give Royal institutions due recognition.

Selangor State Assembly deputy speaker Mohd Shafie Ngah, in reading out the admonishment, said the state assembly’s Rights and Privileges Committee, following a series of meetings, had found Mat Nadzari to be guilty of the offence.

“The Dewan passes the committee’s statement and rules that the Batang Kali assemblyman had prejudiced through an excerpt of his speech on Nov 1, 2016.

“With this, the Dewan officially admonishes Mat Nadzari’s action towards the Dewan. And I order for this admonishment to be recorded in the Hansard,” he said when closing the state legislative assembly seating, here, today.

Mat Nadzari was present when the admonishment was read out.

The Rights and Privileges Committee is chaired by the speaker Hannah Yeoh, and comprises two members of PKR, and one each from PAS, DAP, Amanah and Umno.

Mohd Shafie argued that Mat Nadzari was elected by the rakyat to champion issues faced by them, and not to practise prejudice.

The deputy speaker, in claiming that the decision to admonish was not politically-motivated, added that Mat Nadzari’s decision to bring the matter to court on March 6 was also disappointing.

“You have to really understand the basic concept of national and state democracy, that practises separation of powers. This means that whatever happens in the Dewan shouldn’t have been challenged in court.

“What you have done showed as if you do not understand this basic concept. I hope this will not be repeated by any other assemblymen,” he said.

Yeoh, speaking to reporters later, said Mat Nadzari had shown no remorse and must take full responsibility for his action, and that this would serve as a reminder to all other assemblymen.

– Sundaily