KUALA LUMPUR – The ugly side of the internet was on full display when a release of an unofficial photo of Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant 2017 finalists prompted nasty comments from netizens.

The contestants were deemed “ugly” and “not pretty enough,” by the internet commenters, while some even questioned if the pageant finalist looked “Singaporean,” reports The Strait Times.

The contestants were not only criticized and ridiculed for not having good looks, but some even suggested that word “beauty” should be dropped from the competition itself.

Joseph Juban, the photographer of the contest made the photo public and took it down soon after it was marred by negative comments.

One Facebook user wrote she did know where ugly lies after viewing the photos.

“Your photography skills are impeccable. Just that the women in these photos spoils it all. If this is what Singapore defines ‘beauty’… then idk where ugly lies,” wrote the person.

The pageant organisers have reportedly said that the contestants will go through a makeover process in coming weeks and the picture being circulated online is prior to the makeover.