‘The authorities allowed him and his men to run wild, causing ruckus everywhere.’

Jamal remanded five days, shouts ‘gambling bosses invincible’

Clever Voter: Sungai Besar Umno chief Jamal Mohd Yunos is part of the establishment and it’s hard to separate him as an individual from the ruling party.

In reality, he shouldn’t be so emotional given that all his complaints were legacies of his friends in Umno. More importantly, there is a connection between his allegations and you know who.

Touch the nerve, you be warned of the consequences, which is what Jamal may already know. But this attention-seeking man has other agenda. Politics at the local government are ugly.

Ultimately, they too fall victims to the patronage system and money, which have destroyed slowly but surely the very fabric of our society.

Jamal’s agenda is a political one. He is no saint but he just showed us the ugly side of politics we did not vote for.

Odysseus: Jamal has started to becoming an embarrassment to the government, particularly the police.

He can’t be blamed as the authorities allowed him and his men to run wild, causing ruckus everywhere.

However, as the saying goes, the proof is in the pudding, let’s see how this case and other cases against him will unfurl. Let’s pray and hope it won’t end up with no case.

Speak for All: Yes, I hope arrest, remand and release after investigation will not be the end result. We want see a few charged for the offences these people have committed by taking the law into their own hands.

This should serve as a lesson to anybody who intends on breaking the law of this country and challenging the enforcement agencies.

Roger 5201: Why is this case is being probed under Section 395 of the Penal Code for gang robbery? How about Prevention of Terrorism Act (Pota)?

What Jamal did was unprovoked, intentional and nothing short of terrorism against a lawful business.

My Opinion: This is all ‘wayang’ (a show). This may be a high-level strategy.

Jamal is making himself a martyr. It may be a catalyst to anger the red-shirts against Chinese businesses, with the purpose of creating a racial uproar.

They are trying to provoke the non-Malays to respond, perhaps in violence. But Chinese and Indians are not going to fall into this trap because they are peaceful people.

Let’s see some professionalism in the police force in dealing with the case.

Dex: The poor man has been watching too many ‘Walking Tall’ movies’.

‘Datuk Kong’ protects us, residents say of demolished shrine

Anonymous_1390303981: Almost all development projects will have a small prayer shrine built by Taoism believers and most later grew in size due.

This has nothing to do with the Chinese or Buddhism. It’s best that the local authorities provide guidelines such allocation of land for Taoism shrine for large development projects, and all the small and mini shrines can be moved into the approved larger shrine.

This is nothing political or is it about religion or race. It’s all about accommodating such beliefs and tolerance of them.

Sleepy: My take is any illegal structure should be demolished. The question is – will it be done fairly on all such matters.

Anonymous #05023297: This was bound to happen. There are literally hundreds of such shrines and Malay-looking patungs/deities all over the nation.

Some are on state public land, some are on private land and they are even in temples itself.

My question is: will the Islamic authorities or the red shirts do something about Chinese praying and worshipping a Malay ‘patung’?

SuaraRakyat: My god, in this era this kind of nonsense. Anyway, one cannot mix up Islam and idolatory. It is wrong and this should not he tolerated.

Respect other religion too. You can believe in any nonsense. That is not our business. But do not mix Islam with your nonsense.

Gaji Buta: Unless one has personally experienced ‘God’ or a deity or higher power, then who are we to judge others, just because their belief is not classified as an ‘official’ religion.

Whatever they believe may be equally correct or equally nonsensical as the rest of us.

The Analyser: Malaysians are all too willing to abandon their responsibilities to someone/something else rather than taking control of their lives themselves.

I guess that is a response to the fact that they are never allowed to make their own decisions and always have too many people too willing to tell them what to do.

End result… a nation of zombies – social, political and religious zombies.

Ah Hoe: The Klang Municipal Council (MPK) took 15 years to find out the shrine was illegally built on government land?

It looks like council president Mohamad Yasid Bidin and his people have been sleeping on their jobs.

Roger 5201: When they protested the cross, they forced the church to take it down because it was in a Malay area.
Is this “Datuk Kong” demolished because MPK deemed it an illegal structure after 15 years or because it too closely resembles a mosque?

There is a “Datuk Kong” in almost every construction site so is MPK going to take these “illegal structures” down as well?

– M’kini