Over 49,000 civil servants facing bankruptcy
debts beyond their means to repay

revealed by Cuepacs president
cases of forging salary slips to apply for loans
situation is getting more serious
apply for loans beyond their means to repay
taking on overlapping loans.

govt allows over 20 credit agencies to deduct salaries of civil servants
without financial institutions having to refer to one another

Civil servants borrow by only bringing in salary slips
salaries will be deducted every month
civil servants apply for loan with Institution A, B and C (all are approved)
alarming trend

My comments : To be declared bankrupt they must be borrowing more than RM30,000 each. I dont know if this figure has been increased.

But to get to bankruptcy is a long process – that takes years. Meaning these 49,000 civil servants have not been able to resolve their financial woes.

What about those Civil Servants who are in financial difficulty but not yet declared bankrupt? There must be another 50,000 or more of them. And most of these people are Malays.

What about non Civil Servants who are facing bankrupcy or serious financial difficulty? There are tens of thousands of them as well. Majority are Malay as well.

The other day some blinkered commenter said I was playing up negative economic news. I dont play up anything. This is what is reported by the mainstream media. This report above is by Bernama. Not by me.

Go and ask Bernama why they are reporting “negative news”.
Dont ask me. I am just a Blogger.

What I have been doing is that I have simply been pointing out these things – for years now. Because people are not paying attention to these things that are happening.

I even invented the phrase ‘Melayu miskin dulu’ wich somene has abbreviatd to MMD.

All this is NOT GOOD for the country.

And the solutions to overcome these issues are simple. Very, very simple.

Ketuanan Melayu is not a solution.
The “islami-cessation” of everything (the economy, banking, education etc) are also not solutions
More race based quotas are definitely not the solution either.
(Look where it has led the Malays – to bankruptcy !!)

Will come back on this one.

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