MELAKA – A man claiming to be an aide to Batu MP Tian Chua allegedly forged an authorisation letter to peddle fake memberships and emblems relating to a non-governmental association (NGO), led by individuals with royal lineage.

The man has distributed name-cards describing himself as an aide to the MP and also the ex-aide of the Selangor mentri besar, and is believed to be the frontman for a syndicate.

However, Tian Chua denied the man’s claims.

The man has reportedly received money from several individuals as “registration fees” for membership in the association, known as Pertu­buhan Kerabat Perdana Malaysia or Federation of Royal International GKP.

“We learned that some luxury cars in northern states have the emblems affixed to their registration plates.

“We also received word from a reliable source that flamboyant events like yacht cruises were orga­nised by misusing our association’s name.

“We also obtained a list of receipts where several transactions amounting to RM5,000 each were banked into an account under the name ‘Batu Jinjang Service’ since early this year,” he said.


Tunku Maulay also provided The Star with pictures of several cars that had the emblems affixed, as well as pictures of a recent yacht cruise apparently organised by the syndicate in Penang.

Yesterday, The Star reported that the NGO’s core committee, compri­sing the descendants of royalty throughout the country, decided to dissolve the association after the cheating came to light in August.

Tunku Maulay said the information was provided by a former vo­lunteer who hoped that action could be taken against the culprits for deceiving the public and smearing the good name of the organisation, which was registered with the Registrar of Societies two years ago.

Tunku Maulay said the objective of the NGO was to provide humanitarian services.

“We have decided to dissolve the association once we have cleared our name in this mess caused by the syndicate,” he said.

Tunku Maulay lodged a police report in Seremban on Sept 6 after obtaining information that several individuals had fallen victim to the syndicate.

It is learned that the investigation is being carried out by police from Kuala Lumpur.

He also clarified that the NGO does not even have its own bank account, and its expenses are borne by the committee members themselves, without any external financial help.

The Facebook page managed by the syndicate claims that those who sign up as members can get “favours” and “government assistance” as well as free training in handling firearms.

There are also pictures of members who registered with the syndicate doing charity work at old folk’s homes and orphanages.

Tian Chua said the man implica­ted in a police report “came to us as a volunteer during the 2013 general election”.

“We discovered that he misappropriated funds claiming they were for campaigning purposes, and asked him to leave,” he told The Star when contacted.

“It has been four years since he came to my service centre and I am really upset he is still claiming to be part of my team.”

Tian Chua said he did not even know the man personally.

“I also checked with the Selangor Mentri Besar’s office and found that he never served as an aide to the MB,” he said, adding that he would lodge a police report against the man.

When contacted, police urged victims of the syndicate to come forward as well so that a full investigation can be conducted.