Hong Kong artiste Grace Lam has returned to Hong Kong on Monday. The 39-year-old actress made headlines after she apparently staged a video of herself being robbed in Bentong, Pahang. Hong Kong media reported that Lam’s manager Andy Ma confirmed that the actress had spoken to him after returning to Hong Kong. Ma said Lam was not answering any phone calls as she was not feeling well. Ma, who was with Lam in Malaysia when the incident occurred, declined to elaborate on the matter.

On Saturday, Lam was using Facebook’s live stream function in Bentong when a man suddenly “snatched” her handbag. She told a Hong Kong newspaper that her manager and a Malaysian friend gave chase and retrieved her belongings. However, she later apologised on her Facebook, saying it was a “misunderstanding” without elaborating.


Jackie Chan’s 17-year-old daughter discharged from hospital

Etta Ng, the daughter of former beauty queen Elaine Ng and action star Jackie Chan, has been discharged from hospital. The 17-year-old girl went back to stay with her mother, Elaine, who said they would settle their problems as soon as possible. In March, Etta had lodged a police report against her 44-year-old mother, accusing her of criminal intimidation. Etta then went for a holiday in Thailand and returned in April before she was admitted to a hospital in Hong Kong.