PETALING JAYA – Khairy Jamaluddin has asked the public not to pit him against the Johor Royal family after photos of him meeting the Sultan of Johor and the Johor Crown Prince emerged online.

The meeting between the Youth and Sports Minister and the Johor royals comes a day after Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar challenged Khairy and the SEA Games polo team to play against the Johor team.

Photos of Khairy and the royals were shared on the Johor Southern Tigers Facebook page and Khairy himself posted two photos of the visit on his Twitter page on Friday.

However, no explanation for the visit was revealed in either post.

 One photo showed Khairy sitting with the two royals, and another shows Khairy presenting a team Malaysia polo shirt to Sultan Iskandar as a souvenir.


Khairy also tweeted that he had asked Tunku Ismail for his thoughts on the development of the nation’s football team, and shared a photo with him and Tunku Ismail in conversation at a dining table.

“Please do not pit me against the Johor Royal family,” tweeted Khairy on Friday.

He also cautioned the public to be respectful with their comments on social media.

Sultan Ibrahim’s challenge comes after Malaysia’s polo team, of which Khairy is a part of, defeated both Brunei and Singapore during the ongoing SEA Games matches.

Sultan Ibrahim in a statement on Thursday proposed that he would send two of his sons and two horse trainers, and might even take part in the match himself.

“Should my team lose, I will admit that the SEA Games team is represented by the best there is,” he said. –  ANN

MEANWHILE, according to a pro-Najib blog:

What is it about the Johor Palace and KJ?

TTDI, 25 Aug 2017: The Istana Johor’s disdain for Khairy Jamaluddin, our Sports and Youth Minister, is not new. When KJ was just the son-in-law of then PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, he offended someone in Sultan Ibrahim‘s family. To this day, I am not sure what exactly happened. But back then I was somewhat close to Tunku Yem, who was the Crown Prince, so I was sometimes privy to some of things that affected Istana Pelangi and its occupants.
I remember one day in September 2006 KJ was in Johor, in what capacity I am now not sure, and some members from the Pasir Pelangi palace were there at the same event. One of them reported to me about how arrogant KJ had been.
I even blogged a short one on it:


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That was 11 years ago, mind you. So much time to mend bridges. Or burn a few more. In the case of Sultan Yem’s family and KJ, obviously the latter. I used to think it was just between the present TMJ (Tunku Ismail) and Khairy but, well, that seems no longer the case!



Sultan says Khairy’s polo team “mediocre”. Full report h e r e


The Sultan of Johor is a very popular man but I’m not sure if his advisors have told him that his comments on KJ and the polo team did not endear him with too many of us. Khairy may not be any good at polo, or anywhere as good as TMJ or Sultan Yem himself, or is manipulating sports for his political advancement, etc etc but let someone else say it.
The Sultan should be above this kind of things, if you know what I mean. 

p.s. The medal tally at the time of this posting [and polo is likely to add to Malaysia’s gold]: