Selangor PAS has accused Parti Amanah Negara (Amanah) of being too eager to take over the former’s roles in the state government.

PAS newly appointed Selangor commissioner Sallehin Mukhyi said this in response to Amanah Youth vice-chief Shazni Munir Mohd Ithnin’s suggestion for a reshuffle of the state cabinet to exclude PAS’ representatives.

“Amanah’s call for a reshuffle was not made just these past few days. Since the day Amanah was formed, one of the first things it had sought was to ask PAS to leave the Selangor government.

“I think possibly because Amanah can’t wait to become excos so they are asking PAS to leave,” the Sabak assemblyperson told a press conference after chairing the Selangor PAS meeting for the first time.

Shazni’s proposal was made following the resolution passed at PAS 63rd muktamar, for the party to break ranks with PKR at the national level.

Azmin, in response, said earlier today said he will not reshuffle his cabinet and that the present crop of exco members will continue to serve until the end of their term.

Amanah’s ‘bad habit’

Azmin also said that although PAS had broken ties with PKR, he had to respect the wishes of the electorate who voted for PAS.

Commenting further, Sallehin cited Azmin’s remarks and said PAS’ was still needed to help strengthen the state government.

“Alhamdulillah, our exco will remain. We understand that Amanah’s slander has become their daily habit,” he claimed.

While PAS’ syura council will have the final say on whether to endorse the muktamar’s decision to sever ties with PKR, Sallehin reiterated that the party’s three excos will remain in their post regardless of any decision made.

On the other hand, he said a decision to sever ties with PKR will see Selangor PAS contesting in as many seats as possible, the minimum being 45 seats as previously announced by former state commissioner Iskandar Samad.

“If we have to sever ties (with PKR) then we will have no discussions in terms of political collaboration in Selangor,” he said.

New line-up

Commenting on Azmin’s remarks earlier today that he was open to meeting PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang about current affairs, Sallehin said it was a good move and consistent with the party’s stand of being welcoming towards any friendly parties.

“Just that we want them, before we offer our hands, for all parties to respect our agreements,” he said, citing as example PAS current cooperation under its Gagasan Sejahtera coalition.

At the press conference, Sallehin also unveiled Selangor PAS’ line-up for the next two years.

Among others, its Sijangkang assemblyperson Ahmad Yunus Hairi was retained as deputy commissioner I and its Taman Templer assemblyperson Zaidy Abdul Talib was also retained as state treasurer.

– M’kini