open secret Anwar not sold on another round of Dr M

He has issued Amanat Anwar

disagreement over prime minister post

called on Pakatan to consult NGOs and activists

telling coalition decision on OM has to be by consensus rather than put to a vote.

if issue was put to vote, PKR outnumbered by DAP, Pribumi and Amanah

who want Dr Mahathir as prime minister candidate.

his advice to Pa­katan to consult NGOs aimed directly at Dr Ma­­hathir.

For years, Anwar stood in the way of his protege Azmin

coalition could not reach consensus on choice of prime minister.PKR leaders upset with Dr M’s attacks on Hadi Awang.

Dr Ma­­ha­­thir trump card in the general election.


My comments :  

PKR under Anwar has always been a dumb party.  Now Anwar wants NGOs and activists to be involved in selecting Pakatan Harapan’s candidate for PM. Does this mean the NGOs and activists will be made ‘honorary members’ of Pakatan’s ‘president’s council”? Or the NGOs and activists will be invited into Pakatan’s ‘convebtions’? 

I mean how exactly will the NGOs and activists choice of their candidate will be polled? 

And exactly which NGOs and activists? 
Anwar Ibrahim Fan Club? 
Lovers of Brader Anwar ?  (oh oh . . .oops)
Chosen exclusively by PKR? 
Can this guy really grow up someday?

Surprisingly this time around the young voters (over two million of them) seem to be with Tun Dr Mahathir. Should they be ‘polled’ along with the activists and NGOs?

Ok folks, the real issue is that the PKR is in a weak position. Of the Opposition parties the weakest is of course pas-pis-pus. They are going to be wiped out. Next in line is the PKR. They still have not developed their grassroots and have always depended on pas-pis-pus for the leg work. That situation on the ground has now changed.

Since pas-pis-pus will contest 130 Parliamentary seats, most certainly they will be fielding against PKR in quite a few seats – irrespective of Dr Mahathir being PH’s prime minister candidate or not. 

This part of the equation will not change. 
So how is PKR going to handle that? 

Can PKR-PAS still cooperate in Selangor if PAS fields candidates in three cornered fights? 

Yes this is possible if Anwar also has an understanding with MOI. 
Dont forget those hospital visits. But that will also backfire.

Just like pas-pis-pus, PKR also wins  votes when UMNO screws up.   

I was a super hardcore UMNO and BN supporter. But not when Badawi was PM. And certainly not now.  But I have never supported Brader Anwar.  I think there are millions of others like me. Please raise your hands. 

PKR dislike Dr Mahathir criticisng pas-pis-pus. 
What about DAP then? 
This time around the DAP has shown utter disgust for pas-pis-pus. 
How come PKR has not said anything against the DAP? 
Still friends with DAP or no?

PKR can also win the Nobel Prize for counting the chicks before the eggs are hatched. 

All this talk is pointless until the election results are counted. 

The party with the highest number of seats will either form the government or lead a coalition to form a government – at Federal and State levels. 

This is Primary School logic. 

You can talk all you want but just wait for the election results ok. 

DAP and Amanah and Bersatu are ok with Dr Mahathir as the PM candidate.  
The other party that should not be ignored is Shafie Apdal’s Parti Warisan Sabah. 
That is actually FOUR parties that support Tun Dr M. 
The odd one out is PKR.

No matter who is the PM candidate the party that wins 40 – 50 seats or more will have a very strong say over the next government.   

The glue that is holding the PH together now is Tun Dr Mahathir, not PKR. 
PAS is out of the picture completely.   They have sold out to UMNO.

DAP hates them and vice versa.

The suggestion that Parti Bersatu should have just ignored PKR and field their own candidates in whichever seat they want has much merit. As I said, PKR is weak.  

Plus the next Federal government will be decided in Sabah and Sarawak. 

Bukan gitu bah?

My regards to the sons of Kerala – in the Semenanjung and in Sabah. 


AS a last note, to secure a Royal Pardon for your crimes and sins, you must first confess your crimes and sins and express regret, remorse and repentance. (Any other ‘r’ words, anyone?)

Then the Pardons Board will still conduct a complete and thorough investigation into the entire stream of evidence presented in Court. And then some.

This time around repeating that ‘I am the victim of a conspiracy’ may not get the stamp ‘cancelled at the Post Office’ like that last time.

Unless of course you were genuinely innocent.   But other than the Courts many, many otger people do not think so. Including Zulkifli Noordin of Kulim, who was a very long time “pejuang man” of the Reformasi. I personally heard Zul explain why he does not believe the explanations.  

Imagine the Pardon saying, ‘Ok we pardon you, despite the fact that your coin was indeed found in the slot’. Now wouldn’t that be a total blot?’ 

When will the clown act come to an end in this circus? 
Can we have the dancing horses for a change?