‘Liow, the tsunami you have in mind will have the reverse effect.’

Generate ‘justice tsunami’ to drown opposition, MCA boss tells Chinese voters

Amah: I am confused. MCA president Liow Tiong Lai said DAP betrayed Chinese Malaysians by supporting Bersatu and former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad. But Umno said that Bersatu, PKR and Amanah are puppets of DAP.

Who is lying? Or are both lying?

Hp Looi: “All these point to a single fact that Guan Eng, Anwar and Mahathir share one thing in common, that their intended ends are always used to justify their means,” said Liow.

Liow talks so much about means and ends. But has he ever talked about the many “ends” achieved by the Make-Chinese-Angry (MCA) party; increased sidelining of non-Malays, religious right given more space and power, blatant corruption and to top it all, blaming the non-Malays for the perceived economic malaise of the majority?

The aforesaid “ends” have been fully sanctioned and made real by this Make-Chinese-Angry party. The means? Keep blaming and demonising DAP.

Clever Voter: Each time Liow opens his mouth, we get nothing but garbage. As an elected MP, all he does is to fortify his interests in cahoots with his self-serving partners.

Liow knows that his only defence is to attack the credibility of the opposition, with an aim of inciting hatred, but the reverse is probably the outcome.

Much to the dismay of his members, he is likely to escalate the decline of MCA to a point of no return. It would be a surprise he gets more than he asked for, as his party under his leadership is far from winnable quality.

Anonymous 2468821493700674: Well, MCA is in the government since 1957 and they have knowingly downgraded local Malaysians of Chinese descent to the status of ‘pendatang’ (immigrants). Well done, MCA.

Hang Babeuf: MCA is now just a caretaker, and MIC the janitor, at an exclusive Malay club called Umno/BN.

An anti-stupidity tsunami will certainly sweep away the leaking MCA boat and drown all the idiots sheltering in it.

MCA will be swept away in a tsunami of popular irritation, rejection, and contempt.

Ipoh PP: Indeed, Liow, the ‘justice tsunami’ you have in mind will have the reverse effect. It will wipe out MCA and especially you in Bentong.

Discovery: Clearly, this tsunami will wipe out all the insignificant parties in the BN coalition. It’s Umno’s fight against Pakatan Harapan.

So Liow, if your master has told you to make some noise to play down the recent Harapan announcement, please say something more intelligent.

Kalui 64: There was a Chinese tsunami that wiped out Gerakan in Penang. Let the Chinese have another tsunami to wipe out MCA in the other 10 states of Peninsular Malaysia.

Anonymous 133971438080786: Liow, there is nothing to show in the records that you can be proud of other than sitting in one corner and showing your teeth to all those who pass by.

You are just an embarrassment to the Chinese community.

Vote BN Out: I am Chinese, and like the good majority of Chinese Malaysians, I scoff at your laughable call. You must be off your rockers to even dream up such a call.

Rafizi: Harapan’s seats formula to control PM’s power

Clever Voter: Being proactive with some possible institutional reforms is one thing. But the strategy of selecting the candidates to form the government will be the biggest challenge, if not an almost impossible task.

The respective warlords have started the lobbying, and this will derail the overall intent, if left uncontrolled. Then there is the impact of the recent redelineation exercise, and whether studies have been made to examine the impact and mitigating actions.

For a start, all heads should insist on a common manifesto and one unified direction to avoid possible distractions. This is not easy to pursue with four parties in one crowded space, but there should be one voice.

Headhunter: It’s a good formula if the purpose is to curb the PM’s power. Currently, the PM has seemingly unlimited power and his propensity to abuse it is the main cause of massive corruption and the weakening of public institutions.

Our democratic system is supposed to let us elect a PM who is essentially a public servant, not an emperor.

Anonymous 2251681440225523: I agreed, Pandan MP Rafizi Ramli. There will be checks and balances, and abuses of power will be punished. We are sick of Mahathirism and now Najibism.

The leaders of Bersatu, Amanah, DAP and PKR are no pushovers unlike the Umno/BN ‘leaders’ who are cowards and bootlickers. Let the battle begin.

Shibboleth: Dr M’s focus is on removing the kleptomaniac, but what if Bersatu wins 40 seats, Umno wins 40 seats and Sabah and Sarawak BN wins 35 seats.

This would force Najib to resign, but Mahathir may form a coalition with Umno and called it “Bersatu Umno”. In politics, there are no permanent friends or enemies, just permanent interests.

Dont Just Talk: Well done, Harapan leaders, and we hope to see better days ahead after GE14 when the opposition takes over Putrajaya and form the federal government.

Hopefully, we do not see a repeat of the GE13, when 51 percent of popular votes failed to form the federal government and the minority 47 percent hijacked the GE to claim the ruling government.

Have a Great Day: It all sounds bright and cheery here, Rafizi, but the devil will be in its implementation. I wish you well, I really do.

We seem again to be on the brink of a major change in our nation’s political landscape. Whether it will come to pass after GE14 will depend on how the rural hinterlands accept the opposition.

But no one can blame you for not trying your level best.

– M’kini