After starting a family with the Hong Kong billionaire Ji Xiaobo (紀曉波), Taiwanese star Pace Wu (吳佩慈) retired from the industry to become a full-time mother. Though the couple aren’t married, Pace is close with Ji Xiaobo’s family. Last month, it was rumored that Pace received a large diamond ring from Ji Xiaobo’s mother. The media is saying that Pace’s wealth has now exceeded NT$23.2 billion.

In February 2014, Pace welcomed daughter Hillary, her first child with Ji Xiaobo. The following year, Pace and Ji Xiaobo welcomed their son Hans and their younger son Hudson in 2017.

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Despite having three children together, the couple still aren’t married. Nonetheless, sources say that the couple plan to marry soon—last month, Ji Xiaobo’s mother gifted Pace with a 10.4 carat diamond ring, pushing Pace’s worth. Pace also recently purchased a luxury apartment in Hong Kong’s prestigious Mid-levels, which was worth over NT$2 billion.

In November 2016, Pace became a shareholder of Hong Kong’s Bisu Technology, holding 21% of the shares, pushing Pace’s overall worth to NT$23 billion.

Pace made her debut as a variety star in Taiwan, followed by her singing debut in 1998 as a member of the girl group Shaonu Biaoben (少女標本) for their Hong Kong debut. She announced her retirement in November 2014.

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