MASS hysteria has been afflicting a school in Negri Sembilan, causing 31 students and teachers to simulate tiger-like behaviour.

Harian Metro and Kosmo! reported that the school in Pasoh, bordering the jungles around Tasik Bera, began experiencing strange occurrences where students would crouch around and even fight and scratch each other like the animal.

The students would run amok and fight with apparent “superhuman strength” and have no recollection of what they had done after they snapped out of it.

This all began in August, reported the dailies, after students claimed they saw an old woman resembling a nenek kebayan (witch) loitering around the school area.

“It’s not just students, but teachers are also experiencing this. They either see an old woman or a spectre around the school. As soon as they see it, they feel like they are being choked and they find bruises or scratch marks on their bodies,” Harian Metro reported, quoting an unnamed source.

It was initially believed the incident was the result of food poisoning in the canteen, but no evidence has been found to prove it.

The supposed haunting in the school would usually start at 9am until the afternoon bell rings. This has caused disruptions in classes, exams and extracurricular activity.

> A man and his pet monkey were killed when they were struck by lightning in Gua Musang on Thursday, reported Kosmo!

Mohd Shamsudin Muda, 52, was peeling the skin off kelubi fruit in front of his home in Kampung Tanah Puteh when he was struck.

His monkey Kundur, which was tied to a nearby coconut tree, was also hit by the lightning bolt in the 6.30pm incident.

Mohd Shamsudin’s body was found by his 18-year-old son about an hour later, sprawled on the ground with burns on the torso and scorched hair.