JOHOR BARU – Darul Ta’zim owner Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim made further sensational comments and allegations on the Johor Southern Tigers’ Facebook page yesterday.

Tunku Ismail touched on the contents of the much talked-about pen drive, the need for changes in the FA of Malaysia (FAM) and on the national senior and youth call-ups, along with his decision to close down several Johor-based clubs in the past due to match-fixing allegations.

He also asserted that the People’s Community League, which had ended in May, is one of the most corrupt competitions in the country. “The contents of the pen drive are about technical misconducts such as favouritism, unprofessional coaches and FAM’s executive committee members not carrying out their respective duties,” said Tunku Ismail in his statement yesterday.

“I handed it (the pen drive) to Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin to resolve the matter, and not to punish and cause FAM’s suspension. “I am merely advising them to step down voluntarily next year or be replaced with individuals who are more qualified.

“I already know who the new FAM president, general-secretary and national coach will be next year. But do I need to share the info with football supporters? Have I ever been appreciated for improving the standards of local football? Only the people of Johor appreciate it,” he said. Tengku Ismail also questioned the need to call up national trainees for centralised training for long periods for assignments.

“Other national teams only call up players four days before a game, while ours need two weeks, but do not do any training. “Players will then return injured to their clubs because they are not fit enough. It does affect a club aiming for trophies,”

he added. Tunku Ismail also commented on Darul Ta’zim’s decision to order defender Dominic Tan’s return one day before the national Under-22 team took on Bahrain in the return friendly at UiTM Stadium.

“Our coach, Mario Gomez, wanted him back early as the club have to prepare for eight more crucial matches (in the Super League and AFC Cup).

He is an important player to the club.

“I have no issues if the national team need my players to gather four days before an upcoming match. “But if they need them for three or four weeks before a game, I will not allow it. If other clubs allow it, it is their problem,” he said.

On national under-22 coach Frank Bernhardt’s request for players, Tunku Ismail said: “I received a letter recently from the German coach requesting for players to report for duty for six months ahead of the Sea Games next year. My answer to him was very simple: ‘You won’t be here anymore next year’. “Please take players from other teams for matches that are unimportant or not on the Fifa calendar.

If they want my players, they can have them four days prior to a match within the Fifa dates.

“Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs said players only need four days of preparation with their national teams. The most is only seven days,” he added.

Tunku Ismail also claimed that he had dissolved several Johor-based clubs for match-fixing in the past.

“I caught MP Muar, which was owned by NS Betaria, for match-fixing. So did MBJB FC and Johor FC. I have a list of names of those involved in these match-fixing schemes. “I immediately dissolved and put them under one flagship, as they could not be controlled,” he said. He also labelled the People’s Community League as one of the most corrupt competitions in the country.

“If you do not believe me, you can go to Bukit Aman and ask the Special Branch why the competition was not held in Johor. “I did not allow it, as I do not want negative influences to be brought into my state,” Tunku Ismail added.