‘His base doesn’t differentiate between Chinese from China and Chinese M’sians.’

‘PM spoke Bahasa, ECRL launch not Chinese affair’

RM2.6 Billion Turkey Haram: The first wave of Chinese immigrants to Malaya arrived with a few pieces of clothes on their backs. Some carried changkol with them to work in farms, and many worked as labourers in tin mines.

Slowly but steadily, many saved whatever they could and eventually made it big. Even then, they felt subservient to the Malays.

Now, with the opening of the country to China, the second wave of Chinese is expected to come, this time armed with loads of remimbis  – so don’t expect them to be subservient like the local Chinese. Instead, it would be the reverse.

Anonymous 2460851488616887: This is not a racial issue. The East Coast Rail Link (ECRL) is built to transport goods for China. Once completed, they will be able to bypass Singapore.

Yes, it will bring development to our East Coast, but at what cost? The ridership numbers, I doubt, will support it. Anyway, it has not been disclosed to the rakyat.

Four hundred years ago, China and India controlled 60 percent of the world’s economy, until they were plundered by the West. Now they are making a comeback, not with guns but with money.

The question is whether we will be able to dictate our own future when we owe so much to China.

Also, the Chinese yuan will continue to appreciate as their economy goes stronger, and we are borrowing huge sums from them. Perhaps there will be another royal commission of inquiry (RCI) in year 2100 following another huge forex lost?

Ketuanan Capitalist China: RM55 billion for a rail line that brings no economic sense to Malaysia but to serve China’s military strategies in the South China Sea – where are the feasibility studies for the ECRL?

At RM80 million per kilometre, this is probably the most expensive rail line in the world. Funded 85 percent with Chinese financing, designed by China, built by China, ‘owned’ by China but at Malaysian taxpayers’ expenses. The economic colonisation on Malaysia has officially started.

Now they bring with them labourers, skilled workers and engineers. Soon, the little emperors who are equipped with double degrees will migrate here and dominate the economy.

Dingy: Mega projects will benefit the country if the projects could generate enough income to offset the debt. Why didn’t all poor countries carry out such mega projects since they will benefit the people?

It’s a question of whether mega projects would generate enough income for the government to pay off the debts. Such projects require feasibility studies before the government should even consider to undertake them.

Let’s compute the payment to China for this massive loan (with no payments for the first seven years). This means government starts to pay in the eighth year and it will take 13 years to make the full payment to clear the debt.

The amount needed to pay per day to clear the debt will be RM55,000,000,000 ÷ (13×12×30) = RM11.75 million. This amount doesn’t include interest.

From this calculation, the government has to pay more than RM11 million a day. Was there a feasibility study done to find out if the project is feasible and whether the government can afford to take the loan?

Oxymoronictendencies: Here’s Najib’s Chinese dilemma – he has developed a platform and strategy of racial and religious divisiveness, which inevitably alienates that portion of the electorate with Chinese and Indian ancestry, in an attempt to secure his electoral voter base.

However, he has had to “sell” the country to mainland China in the process. His dilemma, of course, is that his electoral base doesn’t differentiate between Chinese from mainland China and Malaysians of Chinese ancestry.

Chinese is Chinese to most Malaysians of Malay ancestry because that’s what they have been taught from birth.

Sadly for Najib, Umno’s conscious, racially decisive strategy is now coming back to haunt him as he needs mainland China to bail him out following the alleged grand larceny of the last eight years.

He is now between a rock and a hard place. It’s going to be interesting to see him “spin” his way out of this one.

Vijay47: Phew, what a relief! For a minute there I thought it was some MCA leader and not PM Najib Razak who launched the ECRL project.

I hope that the PM was also wearing his songkok, that would have clinched the “Malaysianness” of the entire event. But it is also possible that Najib’s trusty songkok is reserved for the Umno assembly, when “Malaysianness” of a different nature is exhibited.

How blessed we be, that our country’s sovereignty and nationalism is measured by a speech and prayers in Bahasa Malaysia, and yes, that the ushers wore kebaya; I hope this was restricted to the lady ushers. By the way, didn’t the kebaya go out with Maria Menado?

And Pahang Umno Youth chief Shahar Abdullah, what’s that you said about your “culture as Muslims”? Is it the same one where when a husband converts to Islam, the children ‘automatically’ become Muslims also?

Or perhaps you refer to a hero who converted to Islam and kidnapped his child with that inspector-general of police Khalid Abu Bakar seemingly unable to find him as ordered by the court. Ketupat and not pau, I hope.

Spinnot: I’ve watched the TV news coverage of the event and Shahar Abdullah has described it accurately. It’s perfectly normal for supremacist Perkasa to complain about the banners with Chinese characters and the translation of speeches (Bahasa Malaysia to Mandarin).

The Chinaman contractor should have given a white “ang pow” to Perkasa as a token of “respect” for the supremacist organisation.

Cogito Ergo Sum: Perkasa secretary-general Syed Hassan Syed Ali had referred to Malaysians of Chinese descent as “Chinese immigrants.” This ‘pendatang’ mentality still pervades the mentality of the local politicians.

Do they expect support from the ‘pendatang’ at GE14? This is a very short sighted and frivolous attempt at garnering support from the Malay populace. It may very well backfire.

Ferdtan: We love the irony. Now racist Umno is defending the Chinese (from China, of course).

We, the Chinese Malaysians, had been on the receiving end of Umno’s and Perkasa’s antics in attacking us Malaysians for any slightest perceived slights against the so-called Malay government, its religion and language.

Cash is king. And China has the cash, and by inference Chinese (from China) are kings.

OdysseusNever mind about all the drama about national identity, language, culture, etc. The key question is whether Najib will lead the country into a debt trap?

Once you are in the trap, you can forget about all the above as we will all suffer.