KUALA LUMPUR – Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has filed an application to compel Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and senior lawyer Tan Sri Muhammad Shafee Abdullah to produce their bank account statements.

He wants an order for Najib to reveal his account statements for the period from August 2013 to October 2013 and between Jan 2014 and March 2014 for the transactions dated Sept 11, 2013, and Feb 17, 2014.

On June 9, Anwar filed an originating summons against the Government for his immediate release following allegations that RM9.5mil was paid to Shafee, who acted as deputy public prosecutor in the appeal over his sodomy conviction.

Anwar is also seeking an order for Shafee to produce his bank statements for the same periods, alleging that Shafee received RM4.3mil and RM5.2mil from Najib.

Anwar filed the application at the High Court Registry here via Messrs Daim & Gamany Thursday, and he has named the Government of Malaysia as the defendant.

The former Opposition Leader said that all documents requested were directly relevant to the matter of the alleged RM9.5mil payment by Najib and were necessary for the determination of the issue.

Anwar said the full particulars of the payments were the sole knowledge of Najib and Shafee, adding that  it was incumbent on them to make full discovery to enable the court to arrive at a just decision.

In his affidavit in support, Anwar  said he believed that the documents were in Najib and Shafee’s possession, custody or power or could be readily obtained from their respective banks or authorised to be released by both.

He said that on Jan 9, 2012, the High Court acquitted him of sodomising his aide and the public prosecutor filed an appeal against the decision.

Anwar said that Shafee was appointed by the public prosecutor to conduct the appeal and claimed that Shafee had a material interest in prosecuting him.

He claimed that Shafee was not an independent prosecutor and he did not discharge his duty fairly as a prosecutor.

In his affidavit in support, he said the impression given to the public at the material time through a statement made by Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Nancy Shukri in Parliament was that Shafee was paid a mere RM1,000 to conduct the prosecution against him in both courts.

Anwar said his guaranteed right under Article 5(1) of the Federal Constitution to a fair trial was violated and the findings by the Court of Appeal and the Federal Court could not stand, and were null and void.