PETALING JAYA – Businessman Tan Sri Clement Hii has published footage of four armed burglars breaking into his Kota Damansara bungalow, three of whom have since been shot dead by police in a separate incident.

Hii shared CCTV footage of the Sept 5 break-in on his Facebook page, which showed four masked men climbing over the fence of the bungalow and walking around the house.

He said that there were no occupants at home during the robbery, but the men crossed over to the staff quarters and robbed one bodyguard and a maid staying there.

The robbers tried to escape in a Honda CRV belonging to one of the staff, but it got stuck at the main gate.

CCTV footage showed the robbers trying to force the car through the gate unsuccessfully. The four robbers then left the car and escaped over a wall at the back of the house.


Hii said the police traced the same gang – who were Indonesians – to Seremban the next day, and three of the robbers were killed in a shootout with police.

The Star Online reported a shootout in Mambau, Serembam, at 3.30am on September 6.

State police chief DCP Datuk Jaafar Mohd Yusuf said the driver of a Proton Perdana ignored an order from a police patrol team to stop. But instead of stopping, the driver sped off.

The policemen then gave chase in an unmarked car, repeatedly shouted that they were cops and ordered the driver to stop.

The driver of the Perdana later lost control of the car and crashed it into a ditch, at which point shots were heard being fired from the driver’s side of the Perdana while two others armed with machetes attacked the police.

Police then opened fire at the suspects, killing all three on the spot.

DCP Jaafar said police found fake registration plates, gold chains and bangles from the car, adding that the suspects might have been involved in at least four robberies in Senawang and Nilai.

Hii said items stolen from his staff were recovered from the loot seized by police.

“The bad guys who disrupt our peace and safety should expect the full force of the law to catch up with them sooner or later,” said Hii on his Facebook page.