Well folks, Brader Anwar has testified at the RCI on the BNM Forex losses. Here is the New Straits Times with the relevant news:

RCI on BNM forex scandal: Nor Yakcop overstepped his boundaries, says Anwar

Anwar said he would have sacked Nor Mohamed .because of the “mess” 

Anwar believes Nor Yakcop overstepped boundaries which affected (BNM) in 1990s.

When Jaffar Hussein said he was going to step down I told him not to 

because I knew it wasn’t him that was at fault, it was Nor Mohamed,” he said.

Anwar added:  “I told him Nor Mohamed should step down, which he did.

But even if he had not, I would have sacked him.”

Jaffar agreed with him that Nor Mohamed should step down 

I am well aware that Nor Mohamed had a big part in this 

I was very surprised when he was later made Finance Minister. 

I thought, how could this be when he cost the country billions in losses?” said Anwar.

My comments :  This is very interesting. At that time when Anwar was almost unassailable his boys were very much in control of a few things in the country.  One name that sticks out prominently is the name Abr_r  Berhad. 

Abr_r was a company that was closely associated with people who were closely associated with Anwar Ibrahim.  They took over Mun Loong and made it into Abr_r Bhd.

In fact the joke among us bankers at that time was that Abr_r meant Anwar Ibrahim. But that was only a joke ok. Dont take it seriously.  

Another banker’s joke was ‘Gabrar’.  Yo,  JJ  ingat lagi tak?

And just a very short time after resigning from Bank Negara Malaysia, surprise, surprise the same Nor Mohamed Yakcop  became a shareholder as well as executive chairman or something of the same Abr_r Berhad.   

Nor Yakcop also became another chairman or something of Abr_r Asset Management – a subsidiary company of Abr_r  which is well known to Ezzam Mohd Noor.

Everyone knew it was a company run by “close associates” of Anwar.  

I left banking around that time and joined a private corporation. We had a joint venture with Abr_r to develop the transportation infrastructure at Putrajaya.  Our JV company built and completed a tunnel for the planned LRT in Putrajaya.  The tunnel is now disused and is still there in Putrajaya (beneath the Boulevard area).  That was the so called ‘Mahathir’s secret escape tunnel’ in case he was overthrown from power which some folks were yelling about at that time.

Anyway I was a cheque signatory for the JV company,  representing my employers. My co-signatory representing Abr_r  was a fellow called Rahim Ghouse. Rahim Ghouse was of course a very, very close buddy of Anwar Ibrahim. Others would say crony.  Rahim later flew off to Australia. Maybe he is still there. 

I used to attend project meetings in Putrajaya where both Rahim Ghouse and Nor Mohamed Yakcop were present.  They were most certainly in the Anwar Ibrahim orbit.  

So for Anwar to say that he would have certainly sacked Nor Mohamed for the “mess” in Bank Negara does not seem to jive very well with the fact that Nor Mohamed was quite soon after appointed to such high positions in a company that was closely identified with people who were closely associated with Anwar Ibrahim. 

There is another footnote to this. During the beginnings of the Asian Financial crisis in 1997,  I used to write my column ‘Human Rites’ in The Sun.  One Sunday I wrote a special opinion column strongly criticising Bank Negara’s move to push up overnite interest rates. It was killing the economy.  

The next day Anwar Ibrahim called a hasty press conference and tried to explain Bank Negara’s policies. 

Then soon after that I received a phone call saying that Anwar Ibrahim was having some function at his house in Bukit Damansara and that I had been invited to attend.   Of course I refused to attend.  

But guess who telephoned me ?  He he he.  The same guy who created the mess.

Brader Anwar Ibrahim can indeed be a chameleon.