It looks like Raymond Lam (林峯) and Karena Ng’s (吳千語) five year relationship is on the verge of breaking.

The breakup speculations became even more apparent when Raymond, who has been promoting his new Chinese drama Rule the World <獨步天下>, gave rather tense responses to the media when he was asked about his breakup rumors with Karena.

At a horse race event in the Sha Tin Racecourse, Raymond was asked if he plans on celebrating the upcoming Christmas holidays with Karena, who is currently in Mainland China to film her new movie. Raymond said, “She’s busy, and I’m busy. (How did you celebrate your birthday earlier?) I celebrated it with family. She was too busy. (Did she give you a birthday present?) I didn’t receive it.”

Reporters then asked Raymond if their relationship was turning cold, to which the actor said, “Career comes first for the both of us. Let’s work hard on that first. (Is there a problem?) We still contact each other occasionally, but we’ve just been too busy.”

Asking if they have broken up, Raymond said simply, “I really have nothing to say.”

Reporters tried to nudge Raymond for more answers, and when asked if they were still together, he said, “She’s in Hengdian right now to film a new period war film. She’s not coming back until late February.” Asking if he still considers Karena to be his girlfriend, he said, “Yes.” As for whether or not Karena would celebrate a belated birthday with him, he said, “There’s no need to. I’m not very big on birthdays or holidays. Career comes first.”

Raymond’s mood changed for the better once questions were asked about his latest drama, Rule the World. The pre-Qing period drama, which premiered in November, has already reached over 2 billion clicks online.

Karena was reached for comment about her breakup speculations with Raymond. Her manager said, “She’s currently focused on filming her new movie in the mainland. There is nothing to say at the moment, thank you.”

Karena’s close friend Tianyo Ma (馬天佑) was also reached for comment. He said, “It’s been a few months since I’ve last seen her. I haven’t heard about a breakup, and she doesn’t seem any different.”