GERAKAN today submitted their list of potential candidates for the 14th general election to Prime Minister Najib Razak, who is also Barisan Nasional chairman.

More than 60% of new faces made the list.

Gerakan president Mah Siew Keong said the candidates comprised all races who had worked in the previous 45 seats contested by the party in the last general election.

Asked whether the party would retain all the seats contested previously, Mah said it was up to the BN chairman to decide, but the party was confident that it could do better in all those seats.

“We have given the list to the prime minister; there is no final decision yet  ,” he told a press conference after a closed-door meeting with the prime minister at Gerakan’s headquarters in Kuala Lumpur today.

Elaborating on Gerakan’s election preparations,  Mah said the party, however, expected that there would be changes in four to five of the seats it contested previously.

“It is actually for a win-win situation. For example, if MCA is confident of doing better than us in some of our seats, we can switch seats. But not necessarily with MCA; it can be with any of the component parties,” he said, adding he could not elaborate as the issue was still being discussed.

On Penang, Mah said that he was confident that the party could do much better given numerous issues arising under the DAP-led government, such as the Undersea Tunnel project.

“We are convinced that Penang people will elect a few Gerakan representatives for checks and balances in the state assembly .

“Plus, in Penang, during the last election, DAP won all the seats they contested. They never lost so they are a bit arrogant now. So, we are confident we will do much better,” he said.

On the meeting with Najib today, Mah said the short meeting went very well and that the prime minister had advised the Gerakan leadership to always be on standby mode and to be prepared for the election.

Prior to the one-hour-and-15-minutes-long meeting where Najib was briefed on Gerakan’s preparations for GE14, Mah said Najib was given a tour of Gerakan’s election war room.

– Bernama