‘Isn’t he is admitting that the money received by him was indeed stolen from 1MDB?’

Red Granite to pay US gov’t RM230m, salary for Riza slashed

Abasir: By agreeing to the US$60 million (RM235 million) settlement, isn’t Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s stepson Riza Aziz admitting that the money received by him and used by his movie production company was indeed stolen from 1MDB?

But Najib and his co-conspirators continue with their tale that no money was stolen. If the stepfather is to be believed, the stepson is simply doing what Malaysia’s now notorious Bukit Aman Criminal Investigation Department chief Wan Ahmad Najmuddin Mohd is also doing – giving away good money even though nothing illegal was done.

Is all this just a “test from Allah” as determined by that judge who freed the Low Yat thief on a technicality?

Oxymoronic Tendencies: If there is “no proof,” then why have Red Granite Pictures agree to pay US60 million to the US Department of Justice (DOJ). No one, no matter how rich, agrees to pay US$60 million just like that.

1MDB’s claim is not at all credible. As is their ongoing stance that “no money is missing.” This settlement seems to be incontrovertible proof that the money was stolen. First, we have the Swiss holding RM400 million and now we have the US recovering RM235 million.

And the Malaysian government does nothing. Says nothing. And prepares the forfeit the money. The rakyat’s money.

Because to claim it would be a complete contradiction of the stance Malaysian Official 1 (MO1) has insisted be taken “that nothing is amiss.” Yet the entire world knows something is amiss.

And daily the truth tightens the noose. Are we really going to re-elect this alleged crook and his sycophants come GE14. Let’s just pray that sanity prevails.

Vision 2020: The out-of-court settlement with the US government it is naturally an admission of guilt for the alleged siphoning of 1MDB money to be used for Red Granite’s private filmmaking business by the stepson of MO1.

Isn’t this considered an abuse of power by the office of the prime minister-cum-finance minister for personal gratification, or an act malfeasance by a public figure?

Frank: For 60 years, Umno and their kind – and this is especially true in the case of 1MDB and related scandals – have been treating Malaysians, and the Malays in particular, as if they are fools and good for nothing except during voting time for elections and general elections.

Now, how does it feel like to be at the receiving end of actions coming from those who are more powerful than you are?

As they say: what goes around comes around. And I for one am counting for worst things to come your way in the coming days.

Tony Soprano: Some are confusing Red Granite with Malaysia. The case of Red Granite is a US domestic internal matter. It doesn’t matter where the stolen money came from.

If it was stolen, Red Granite must forfeit the funds to the US government. To be sure, all laundered 1MDB funds that are retrieved in the US will be returned to Malaysia, minus (if I read correctly) a 33.3 percent fee. In other words, you get two-thirds back of whatever they can retrieve.

And no, the money won’t go back to the Malaysian government. The DOJ and the federal courts that adjudicate the case are not that stupid. This is not the first such case.

In previous foreign money-laundering schemes, the US distributed the money to accredited charities in the relevant countries.

Anonymous_1421806811: The settlement is unfair to Malaysians. DOJ is only seeking the stolen money invested in Red Granite, but not profits from movies made by the stolen money. Wonder if he gets any fees as a result of his position as CEO and dividends as a shareholder?

Never mind. After all, 1MDB did not lose any money. 1MDB just generously, happily and willingly paid International Petroleum Investment Company (IPIC) two times for the same deal and proudly claims it is IPIC and not 1MDB that had lost money!

When Harapan takes over Putrajaya, I hope they will milk Riza dry, just as Dr Mahathir Mohamad talks about milking Jho Low dry.

1Anonymous 2413471460628504: 1MDB has lost no money, but people all over the world seemingly have cash raining down on them, cash linked by the DOJ and other foreign governments as coming from 1MDB.

If there were no substance in DOJ’s forfeiture action, these people and these companies would not willingly surrender their assets.

All our government can say is that 1MDB did not lose any money and that no one has been criminally prosecuted. That’s just wilfully closing your eyes to US laws and ascribing our government’s manufactured impotence on other countries.

Aussie PM’s son claims sidelined by global bank over 1MDB bonds

Varuna: Good on you, Alex Turnbull, for having stood by certain moral imperatives in life, both personal and professional.

The disadvantage to your career with Goldman Sachs is behind you now, and you can look into the eyes of your loved ones and be convinced that you did the right thing.

Hopefully, some agencies or entities will at some future date take the likes of Goldman Sachs to account for their lack of moral discipline to support and associate with the misuse of public funds by their business clients.

Salvage Malaysia: Thank you, Alex, for your honesty and frankness. Our government continues to maintain its innocence although assets and cash are being forfeited, and yet our government has no gumption to contest and claim it back for the country.

I’m sure one day the truth will prevail and all the perpetrators and accomplices will be judged by their gods and they will pay the price for their actions.

Dah Jadi Bubur: Imagine having the ability to read minds when the Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, Alex’s father, and our very own prime minister shake hands and exchange smiles at the Asean-Australia Special Summit in Sydney on March 17-18.

Anonymous: Let’s all hope that the Australian media will throw some questions at MO1 at the Asean summit, and at least make him uncomfortable.

– M’kini