KUALA LUMPUR – MCA national chairman Datuk Heng Seai Kie announced today that the party had set a minimum of 40% Chinese voters for the 14th General Election (GE14).

“I have reminded the Wanita’s wing that although there are many Chinese voters, either locally-based or abroad, we cannot rely on MCA members only to obtain support, who are 30% (voters).

“We have started the JR PLUS (Jaringan Rakyat PLUS) since May where a survey and its results are collected.

“The survey acts a bridge from the grassroots to the government in determining their level of livelihood and should they need aid. This (information) will be given to the appropriate channels or agencies to assist them.

“The survey is also to determine if they are fence-sitters or support the Opposition,” the MCA Wanita Women’s wing chief said.

She added that Wanita MCA members should attempt to gain support from at least five voters who are non-members for the GE14.

“Every member should at least get the support of five voters. These have to be non-MCA members, which in turn will translate into votes for the party,” she said.

With the proposed “1+5” strategy, Heng said, should the wing’s 460,000-odd members be able to get the support of five voters, this would translate into more than two million votes.

MCA secretary-general Datuk Seri Ong Ka Chuan echoed Heng’s sentiments, saying that the party machinery cannot rest on their laurels especially when tackling urban voters.

“(Unlike in the rural areas) we can’t go door-to-door. The General Election is a cyber and physical warfare.

“We will send the publicity materials in video format through the Internet and WhatsApp as previously done in the last GE,” he added.

Earlier, they launched JR PLUS at the national level, which was witnessed by 1,219 women delegates at Renaissance Hotel here.

– Sundaily