SOCIAL media users who anticipated “big news” at Prime Minister Najib Razak’s press conference this evening were disappointed after it was announced that former Selangor menteri besar, Muhammad Muhammad Taib, would be rejoining Umno from PKR.

Even Selangor Menteri Besar Mohamed Azmin Ali weighed in on the announcement by tweeting: “Sau Kaw Po Ji………kah kah kah” (collecting old newspapers), implying that Muhammad was old goods.

Other social media users also referred to Muhammed as an “old man” and collectively agreed that the press conference was a waste of time.

On Facebook, Kumar Muniandy wrote, “What a waste of time..,.,nobody care he join any party.,,,waste old man.”

Ang Tan Loong refers to Muhammad as “expired tools” in his comment, “Haha expired tools for what? To dig grave for Umno?”

Some had even set aside their time in anticipation of an important announcement.

“Cancelled my Sunday plans for this news? Puii! What a jokelah this guy…running out of ideas..doesn’t make any difference whether Mat Taib is in or out….he is irrelevant…..At this point any rakyat can sit in their place and do a good job..your days are numbered as God has some important announcements for you guys..” Marciano Herrera  said.

“Penat je I buat coffee n goreng karipap..ingat ada show ke apa,” said Anis Hussain. (I prepared coffee and curry puffs thinking there was going to be a show.)

User Tuck Meng Choong expected more and wondered why Umno accepted Muhammad Taib into their fold again.

“Is that it? Surely he must have brought along some goodies and commitments too, right? PH’s secrets for example? A string of PAS and PH members crossing over back to Umno/BN like what was heard around town? Jib wouldn’t be paying good money for nothing …. setting up this media circus requires time and money too,” Tuck said.

On the Twitter sphere, many were asking, “Is that it?”

“Tu je?,” wrote Harapan Tanahairku.. (@azam2091) and Yi Leong (@yileong).

Patrick Giring (@SaribasJack) tweeted, “LOL! That’s all folks! #wasteoftimeandweekend”.

“Najib has mastered the art of keeping people on their toes. Not worth the press conference,” Faris Aiman (@_FarisAiman) said in his tweet.

User DENG (@shppdvg) even expressed sympathy for the reporters who were there to cover the press conference.

“Kesian wartawan ytg redah hujan lebat nk pi Menara Dato’ Onn tadi. Rupa2 pasal Mat Taib ja. Hahaha”. (Pity the reporters who had to brave the heavy rain to go to Menara Dato’ Onn earlier. Turns out it was just about Mat Taib.)

Facebook and Twitter users were also quick to bring up Muhammad’s scandal in Australia.

In 1997, he was stopped at Brisbane airport carrying close to US$1 million cash, following which he was forced to step down from his post as Selangor MB.

Muhammad was later found not guilty after pleading that he did not understand English and could not understand the regulations.

“This is it? Welcoming back another ‘geng’ member who allegedly was caught w millions $ cash down under?” wrote Vincent Quah on Facebook.

Another user, Mark Saw, commented, “A known person who smuggled money into Australia is the important announcement?”

Others took a shot at Muhammad’s language skills.

On Facebook, Ramesh Ridzzy B asked, “Can he speak English now?”

Meanwhile, Colin Charles (@bytebot) tweeted: “Mat Taib back in UMNO, Maybe his English is better now & he doesn’t carry cash in bags?”