Someone commented the other day that I am writing only bad news. That is incorrect. I am HIGHLIGHTING bad news that is already in the media.

My blog is more news analysis. I do not generate the news. I certainly do not create the news. I only put my perspective to what is already happening.

People read my blog (39 MILLION VISITORS ALREADY, THANK YOU VERY MUCH) to read my perspective. They already know the news.

Everyone has access to the same news. But only I have access to my own perspective, my own analysis. Just like each and every one of you has your own perspective.

Here is more bad news. This time from Sandakan, Sabah.

November 1, 20179570

Wisma Sandakan Wisma Lai Biang Kee, Wisma Sabah sudah langsung kosong

162 runcit tutup di Sandakan ekoran ekonomi, gangguan elektrik, PATI, keselamatan

ekonomi semakin merosot, kedai tutup
162 kedai retail tutup di Sandakan, kini sehingga 200 unit.

Wisma Sandakan, Wisma Lai, Wisma Sabah kosong – ‘bangunan hantu’

Sandakan dahulu ‘little Hong Kong’ kini ‘little Philippines’

ramai golongan muda berhijrah kerana peluang pekerjaan tertutup.

Kelembapan ekonomi Sandakan – banyak penerbangan dibatalkan
menunjukkan ekonomi merosot di Sandakan

gangguan bekalan elektrik dan bekalan air yang serius.

My comments :

Sandakan is a Chinese town.

Plus they voted for the DAP.

Sorry lah brader.

Your complaints will fall on deaf ears.

An election is coming up.

Some people think they can hold you at ransom.

The ESSCOM people have cut off the billion Ringgit barter trade between Sandakan – southern Philippines – Indonesia. As I keep saying, they have killed the goose that laid the golden eggs.

Hence the shut down of Sandakan.  Sandakan still is a beautiful city, on the shores of the sparkling Sulu Sea. It was a very prosperous city.

And yes it is a Chinese town. The Chinese community in Sandakan has one of the longest uninterrupted presence  in this part of the world, going back perhaps  300 years.  Local belief is that the name Sungai Kinabatangan (“China Batangan”) translates to Sungai China. Like Batang Kali actually means Kali River. Hence Kinabalu means ‘Chinese Widow’.  This is what one Sabahan told us a long time ago.

It takes a long time to impart names to places that reflect a certain racial presence in that area.   Bukit China in Melaka dates back to Hang Li Po.  It means that the Chinese have been present in Sandakan and in Sabah for a long time.  (So has the Chinese community in Kuala Terengganu.)

Ketuanan politics does not give a hoot about the Chinese business community or their central role in the economy. If Sandakan is shut down, so what.  Who cares about the goose that lays the golden eggs?

They do not understand that is also our country. Correction : this is also our country. How can you allow an important part of our country to just die off?

And all because we do not know how to handle the Moro situation in the southern Philippines. Instead we choose to sacrifice our own people and our own country.

Not just the Sandakan office buildings and shops are shut down but the Malaysian Ringgit has certainly lost its value also by the amount of the billions of Ringgit in the lost barter trade in Sandakan.  The multi billion Ringgit barter trade was still calculated in Ringgit. All that is gone now. Can they understand simple things like this?

Here is more “understandable news”. This is a “halal business” and the operator wears a tudung. So senang sikit nak faham kut. Insya Allah.



My comments : I suppose among hijabis, Hajaba Butil was a well known brand. Well according to the owner, the GST killed off her business. She closed down all five of her outlets at KLCC, Pavilion, Bangsar Village, Alamanda etc.I did not create this news.

Neither did these shutdowns happen simply because I said so.

There are  no self fulfilling prophecies here.

It does not need rocket science to see that the economy and the country is shutting down.

The retail sector is the tip of the sword. Retail bridges the link between the factory, producers, wholesalers and the consumers.

When consumers have no money to buy, the retail shops shut down.
Then their suppliers (the wholesalers, the factories, the producers etc) will shut down.

So the retail industry is the tip of the spear.

Its not too late. Abolish the GST.
Worse case, chop it down to 3%.