No, I did not get the spelling wrong in the title of this article.

I did not mean to write Man United (for Manchester United, of course ). And this article is not about football.

The MAL UNITED in the title above stands for Malaysia United. I’m talking about our nation, a United Malaysia.

But first, the prime minister. In mid-March, Datuk Seri Najib Razak launched a campaign called “Ekspresi Negaraku” aimed at cultivating love, loyalty and patriotism among the rakyat.

In his speech at the launch, the PM cited among other things several instances during which Malaysians banded together.

In short he was talking about a united Malaysia!

Two months earlier, the prime minister launched a program called “Moments of Unity”. Obviously it was also about unity.

And in his speech at the “Moments of Unity” launch, Najib urged Malaysians to reject extremism which he said was the enemy of harmony and peace.

Instead, he said mutual respect and empathy are crucial for unity.

The PM is right 100% and I agree with him 100%. And, both campaigns he launched are good 100%.

Now allow me to present this list :

– A newly formed Malay Muslim movement wants to challenge the citizenship of 1.75 million granted between 1957 and 1970.

In other words, the group wants the government to review non-Malays’ citizenship, an effort to “de-Malaysianize” non-Malays who became citizens durng the said period.

Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar said, “We are monitoring it and if it gets into an issue, then we will get to it.”

So, he is just watching for now! Well, it’s still better than nothing.

Known as Bertindak, the group wants the citizenship review following an uproar over the government granting PR status to controversial preacher Dr Zakir Naik.

– The Zakir Naik controversy has hurt and angered the country’s Hindu community. It is said a video of some Hindus berating Islam and Muslims has gone viral.

In a nutshell, the Zakir Naik controversy has put Hindus on one side and Muslims on another. Well, some Hindus and some Muslims anyway.

– Malay pressure group Perkasa has said if Malays are not treated well, it will create extremism and terrorism.

This was in response to a remark made by federal minister Khairy Jamaluddin that the government’s quota system should start to be seen as something insulting to Malays that they need a quota to get somewhere.

The minister also conceded that “there is a perception of discrimination among other communities” with regards to the quota system.

– PAS wants the Federal Constitution to be amended to ensure only Muslims can become prime minister of Malaysia.

Need we be reminded of the so-called “silent law” already in place that only a Malay can be appointed PM?

– Act 355 amendments tabled recently in the Parliament by the PAS president aimed at “enhancing” the syariah courts has been turned into a situation whereby Muslims are seen to be on one side and non-Muslims on the other.

Sadly, it’s like a “us” and “them” scenario.

I’ll just leave out the Red Shirts and their allies from this list.

Take a look at the list and one will see divisiveness rather than unity. No mutual respect and empathy which the PM said are crucial for unity.

Something ought to be done!

True, it’s the responsibility of all of us to do our part, but the government, too, cannot be idle anymore and be seen as being tolerant to such divisive and hurtful actions.

The onus is on the government to lead they way in righting the wrongs .Then we’ll pursue the noble dream of a United Malaysia together.

– Mysinchew