Numerology (the ancient science).

PETALING JAYA – A housewife could not believe her luck when her combination of numbers earned her RM23,105,950 in a Magnum draw.

The numbers, 1155 (2nd prize) and 2293 (3rd prize), appeared to the housewife in a dream.

“The numbers previously appeared in my mind, but the moment I dreamt of them, I bought the numbers,” she said.

“I checked the results and even needed my children to confirm it. I could not contain my happiness.

“In Chinese tradition, May 20 is special, as the numbers ‘520’ means ‘I love you’ in Mandarin.”

She said other players should persevere as they may be the next lucky winners.

On checking her results on the Magnum4D mobile app, the housewife said: “After scanning my ticket, the words ‘You’ve Won’ appeared on my phone screen and I nearly had a heart attack.

“The Magnum 4D mobile app makes Magnum games accessible, and it is easy to check results with the scanning feature. It was an unforgettable moment.”

Asked how she would utilise her winnings, she said she would share it with family members.

“My husband is in for a big surprise as I have yet to inform him about this win. As a mother, my priority is my family, and knowing that we are secure with our financial concerns is a great relief as all of us have made sacrifices.”

In a separate draw on Saturday, a man in his late 50s found a “pot of gold” with the mGold draw, a variation draw by Magnum 4D Jackpot Gold 1.

The total prize payout to the winner from Kuala Lumpur amounted to RM603,592 with the winning number 299011.

“Being a regular 4D Jackpot Gold player, I always stick to my lucky Jackpot Gold numbers,” the winner said.

“However, since Magnum launched this new feature, mGold, I purchased these tickets as insurance because the tickets are only RM2.

“This new draw is more economical and a simpler way for the public to win the grand prize of the 4D Jackpot Gold.”

Specifically designed for customers who desire inexpensive tickets with maximum ticket number coverage, Magnum launched an M-system last year, a variation of their conventional 4D Jackpot game.

“The mGold was launched to replicate the success of the M-system. This time, it focuses on the fractional play variation of our next most popular jackpot game, 4D Jackpot Gold,” a Magnum spokesperson said.

“This is a new feature of our 4D Jackpot Gold game, whereby it offers cheaper options to cover all 20 Golden component numbers from 00-19 for only RM2.

“The results of the new variation feature, mGold, has been encouraging and demonstrates how well accepted this formula is with our customers.’’

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