Raymond Lam (林峯) made an appearance at the IFPI Hong Kong Top Sales Music Awards with a significantly slimmed down physique. Dropping down to 140 pounds, Raymond’s face was noticeably haggard.

To prepare for his concert in Guangzhou at the end of September, Raymond has been under intense training and keeping a strict diet. Slimming down to a shocking 140-pounds, the 5-feet-11-inch star surprisingly said that he had dropped more weight–to 139 pounds–during his last tour in Hong Kong.

Raymond said, “I have a concert in Guangzhou on September 23. I have to take off my top during the concert so that’s why I have to lose some weight. However, this weight loss process has caused a lot of psychological stress because I really love eating. I hope that I’ll be able to eat normally after the 23rd.”

On whether or not his girlfriend, Karena Ng (吳千語)feels sad for him, Raymond added, “No – in fact, she wants me to keep it up because clothes look better on me when I’m thinner.”

Taking a small break in his music career after his concert in Guangzhou, Raymond will concentrate on filming two TV shows and a movie.

Thoughts On Karena Staying Over

Karena Ng has been sleeping over at Raymond’s house in order to spend more time together. Raymond said, “You can’t help it with the nature of our work; we’re just like any normal couple. Staying over is normal and our dating style is no different than anyone else’s. She is currently focused on her own work first. We haven’t put any thoughts into marriage yet.”

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