‘How did 1MDB lose the arbitration with IPIC, and has to pay the full amount?’

Discovery: What happened to the previous payments from 1MDB to International Petroleum Investment Company’s (IPIC) Aabar? It went to an allegedly fake Aabar – Aabar BVI.

And from Aabar BVI, the money was then allegedly siphoned/laundered away to beneficiaries who are traitors to the people of Malaysia.

Yet the AGC (Attorney-General’s Chambers), PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police), MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) behave as if nothing has happened.

They too can be considered as accomplice to this alleged grand theft and God-willing, all involved will face His wrath for betraying the people of this country who have trusted them to look after them because it is their sworn duty to do so.

Mushiro: 1MDB paid US$3.5 billion to Aabar BVI in four transactions. IPIC said that it has no relation to Aabar BVI and neither had it received the payments.

1MDB said this was surprising, claiming that its records show Aabar BVI to be owned by IPIC and Aabar Investments PJS (Aabar).

How then did 1MDB lose the arbitration with IPIC and was made to pay the full amount? It is even stranger that 1MDB did not lodge any police report on this wrong transaction and made any attempts to claim from Aabar BVI this staggering US$3.5 billion.

These are indeed tall stories from 1MDB.

Ipohcrite: When an entity is helmed by dishonest people, it wouldn’t go beyond them to produce fraudulent documents to support their alleged theft.

When huge sums of money are paid out, it is incumbent upon the office bearers to undertake the highest standard of due diligence to confirm the authenticity of the receiving parties involved before remitting those huge sums of money.

But then, when the entire group of office bearers allegedly connive to steal from the company that they served, then the rakyat had every reason to believe that it was a scam.

RM2.6 Billion Turkey Haram: Kulim Bandar Baru MP Aziz Sheikh Fadzir is one of the rare species from Umno who use their brain. But he would not last.

In Umno and BN component parties, all members are expected to be stupid. No one should ask sensible question like the one just asked by Aziz.

Let us hope that more Umno members will wake up from their stupor and start asking sensible questions on 1MDB.

Aktan: Yes, finally one of the silent majority has got the balls to ask a straight-forward question to MO1 (Malaysian Official 1).

Well done, and I hope more ministers from BN can follow suit and question why there is no follow-up investigation by our elite police since four payments were separately made to the wrong entity.

Anonymous 2436471476414726: If there are more Umno members like Aziz, ours would not have been labelled a kleptocratic government.

Since it is now proven beyond doubt that the earlier payment of US$3.5 billion did not reach IPIC, you need to do the needful.

Mobilise your Umno members to demand that a full and transparent inquiry be held to determine who authorised the transfer of the fund to the allegedly fake Aabar company.

Grey Matter: MOF (Finance Ministry) has to pay IPIC because it is common knowledge in the financial fraternity in London that IPIC was threatening to expose that the money transferred to the fake Aabar BVI account had allegedly ended up in PM Najib Razak’s account.

They have all the documentary evidence which they have obtained from the US Attorney-General’s Office.

Although MOF had previously said it would fight tooth and nail to prove that IPIC has received the monies, it suddenly made a U-turn and paid IPIC what they had claimed for.

With this incriminating evidence, we should make a police report against the MACC chief for protecting alleged criminals in high office.

Anonymous 5: Until there is an answer by the attorney-general (AG) and inspector-general of police (IGP) on who actually received the original payments and arrest and charge those who released the payments, there should be no further payments to IPIC.

Will the authorities do their job or resign, as this is a blatant ‘robbery’ twice?

Amateur: The evidence of the alleged scam in 1MDB is startling and irrefutable. It’s considered CBT (criminal breach of trust) in the commercial world.

The culprits are roaming free with “dedak” minions keeping mum or supporting the alleged criminals openly. These pseudo-religious men are able to cheat humans but surely, they will be punished by God.

Anonymous 2436471476414726: Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Abdul Rahman Dahlan, according to the so-called settlement, 1MDB would have to pay US$3.5 billion to IPIC. That means 1MDB had admitted their liability.

This does not prove that no 1MDB funds has gone into the PM’s pocket. Far from it. This “settlement” also does not prove that 1MDB funds held in units in Singapore actually exist. Not at all.

Until such time, the “units” are monetised, there is no certainty that they are there and at what value. Remember previous auditors refused to vouch for the value of the “units” and got sacked by the PM?

If and when 1MDB monetises the “units”, the rakyat expect absolute transparency, like revealing the name of the buyers and the value of the “units”, complete with detailed banking transactions.

Anything less is but another “silap mata” by the government. Abdul Rahman, the rakyat expect the truth, no cover-up and definitely no spin from you. We are not as stupid as you think.

Leongan: Indeed, if nobody has taken the money, where is the money now?

Anonymous_4031c: What the settlement shows is that Malaysians have to pay for the mistakes of others. Period.

– M’kini