Just released this comment at my last post,

Salam Annie. lama tak de posting. Where are you. Japan may be.

Nope, I’m not in Japan, though how I wish I am.

Well, actually I have not been well. Still a bit sick.

That’s why I have not been writing. Better that way because I tend to over-bitch when I’m not well.

Okay, I better write a bit. Otherwise people may thought I’m dead already 🙂

The hottest thing happening now I think is that stupid The Star insulting Muslims thingy leading to,

Star suspends two editors

Someone asked me what I think of it, and I said it’s just plain stupidity.

People get stupid sometimes. That’s all.

Personally, I don’t think The Star maliciously intended to insult Muslims.

Why would it want to do that for? Just for the fun of it? Seriously?

I don’t like the newspaper and I don’t buy it, but I have to be fair by saying that it was just a stupid oversight on the part of the editors in charge.

By the way, I don’t buy any newspaper anymore. Read everything online. Save money a bit.

Whatever it is, this insulting Muslims thing happens all the time.

Even New Straits Times, which is The Star’s main competitor (if you can call it so despite the huge gap between their circulation figures) had been accused of the same thing when in 2006 it published a Danish cartoon said to be insulting Islam.

Click for better view

NST, however, got away with it. You can read the whole saga at this link,

No Action Taken Against NST After Public Apology

Well, The Star had issued a public apology too in this latest incident.

So, everything should be okay.

Even the suspended editors should be okay. Just embarrassed a bit for being stupid.

Being sometimes stupid should not be too bad.

We are after all only humans.

In case of editors, they make stupid decisions too and I don’t think we should be too hard on them.

This whole thing actually reminds me of an incident not long before the last general election in 2013.

I was driving to work that morning when I received a message informing me that there will be a coordinated attack against a top editor.

The attack was to be carried out by several top pro-BN bloggers.

I never asked why they wanted to attack that editor but I felt that they shouldn’t do that as I know a bit about the editor and he is not such a bad person.

True enough, later that day the blogs posted several negative comments on the editor and they demanded his resignation.

At that time I was part of the Big Cat blog team, So, I persuaded my team leader to post something which I wrote about the whole thing.

You can read what I wrote at this link,

Editors’ job hazards

Well, of course there are editors who are really assholes, but despite that I rather give them some benefits of doubt.

From what I know of them, they are smart people who tend to once a while get stupid rather than malicious.

Sometimes they miss things they should’t have.

Even the great ones are like that.

So, I think everyone should cool off.

That aside, I’m hoping once I get better can visit the FRIM conservation centre in Kepong.

I saw this story yesterday and decided that I want to walk along that canopy walkway one last time,

FRIM’s canopy walkway to close after 25 years 

I have fond memories of that place.

Okay, I need to rest now.

Cheers and happy puasa.