PETALING JAYA – Prestariang Bhd has received a letter from the government via the Home Affairs Ministry to confirm that the Cabinet has approved a multi-billion ringgit 15-year concession to the company for the implementation of the National Immigration Control System (Sistem Kawalan & Imigresen Nasional, or Skin).

Skin is a government-led border transformation programme that will give confidence, facilitate and encourage the movement of genuine people in and out of the country. Skin will address current and future operational demands, including the facilitation in relation to preventing and combating serious crime, US Homeland Security Presidential Directive-6 and Visa Waiver Programme.

Skin is a comprehensive and integrated technology platform to modernise the core applications and infrastructure of the national immigration system with the objective to enhance national border security.

When fully commissioned, Skin will replace the current Malaysian Immigration System (Sistem Imigresen Malaysia, or myIMMs). Skin will also complement the existing Foreign Workers Centralised Management System (Sistem Pengurusan Pekerja Asing Bersepadu, or ePPAx).

“Prestariang’s proposal was approved after a comprehensive technical and commercial evaluation, and thorough due diligence process. Skin will be implemented by way of a public-private partnership through the build, operate, maintain and transfer method,” Prestariang said in a stock exchange filing.

The concession will be for 15 years and will consist of a three-year build- and-deployment phase and a 12-year maintenance and technical operation phase.

The payment to Prestariang is inclusive of all costs incurred during the build-and-deployment phase, and the maintenance and technical operation phase.

Payment to Prestariang will begin only upon full commissioning of the system (after three years), with an average annual payment of RM294.7 million from year four to year 15 during the maintenance and technical operation phase.

The commencement date will be subject to the finalisation of the terms and conditions of the agreement to be mutually agreed between the parties.

“Skin is aligned with Prestariang’s transformational business that will drive its long term and sustainable growth,” said Prestariang.