Dr M: No negotiation at all with PAS


Dr Mahathir has reiterated Opposition coalition will not collaborate with PAS.

Pakatan Harapan ruled out negotiations with PAS ahead of 14th GE.

He said under Pakatan Rakyat, PAS won smallest number of seats GE13.

PAS will agree one thing and ‘behind you’ they will support someone else

the party was “not Islamic”.

Indian and Chinese tsunami is definite in next general election

Najib shifting borders to create more Malay constituencies.

He wants Malay reps to form Govt without Chinese

even PAS said should not be any non-Muslims in govt


My comments :  For the past 30 years the pas-pis-pus has survived on pure luck and the gullibility of its constituents.  They have absolutely nothing to offer the Malays or the Kelantanese.

PAS first began to win seats to survive during the Semangat 46 and Angkatan Perpaduan Ummah days of the late 1980s. They profited from the split in UMNO. In the 1990 elections they won Kelantan and Nik Aziz became the MB of Kelantan. Thanks to Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah.

In 1995 PAS was able to hold Kelantan (because of Nik Aziz) while all other Opposition parties lost ground.

Then in 1998 there was the Anwar Ibrahim caused split in UMNO and PAS was able to capitalise on that again.

In 1999 they retained Kelantan, won Terengganu plus 27 Parliamentary seats. Their best performance ever thanks to Anwar Ibrahim.

In 2004 there was no split in UMNO. Badawi was the PM. PAS lost Terengganu and PAS went from 27 to only seven seats in Parliament. Their president Hadi Awang lost his Parliamentary seat.

This was evidence enough that PAS had nothing to offer.

PAS only wins big when UMNO bungles.

When UMNO was in good shape, PAS lost.

Then in 2008,  Dr Mahathir and the Malaysian people were disillusioned with the corrupt and incompetent government of Abdullah Badawi. Everyone wanted him out. Again PAS capitalised on the weakness in UMNO. In 2008 they won 23 Parliamentary seats plus Kelantan and Kedah.

In 2009 Najib had replaced Badawi as UMNO president and Prime Minister.

By the next elections in 2013 there was discontent against Najib but UMNO was still united.

Despite UMNO performing even poorer under Najib,  PAS lost Kedah and two of the 23 Parliamentary seats. They retained Kelantan – simply because of Nik Aziz.

Now PAS has committed suicide. They have united with UMNO.  They have declared UMNO and the corrupt Najib as their allies. They have done this at a time when UMNO is completely divided and almost dead down to its grassroots. They have teamed up with Najib at a time when he is embroiled in the biggest financial  scandal in the world.

In 1999 the Chinese and Indians voted for the BN, the Malay vote went down.

In 2004 the Chinese, Indians, Malays, Ibans, Dusuns all voted for the BN

In 2008 the Malay, Chinese vote for the BN decreased.

In 2013 the Malay, Chinese vote for the BN decreased further.

In 2018 the Malay, Chinese, Indian, Iban, Dusun vote for the BN is going to disappear.

PAS is also disunited and has split into two.

The old PAS under Hadi and the new Amanah under Mat Sabu.

And PAS has decided to ally with UMNO.

Plus Hadi is a genuine moron.

Two morons stirring the soup..

This is the end of PAS.

– http://syedsoutsidethebox.blogspot.my