Why do I post this article? It is just to tell this unprincipled Malay politician turned civil society person that asking the Malays to vote for the survival of their race means voting for UMNO and Najib Razak, and his kleptos and Rosmah anak Mansor.  Unlike you, Malaysians are not stupid.

Voting to keep Najib Razak in power for another term is a disaster for our multi-ethnic nation. Malaysians today want regime change via the ballot box.

As for the Malays like this turn coat Anina and the incompetent Minister of Education Khalid, you should stew in your own juice.You should know that the future of the Malays depends on their character and grit, not on UMNO.

Shame on you and others like you for having to depend on the good graces of the most corrupt Prime Minister in this world, Najib Razak, for your survival.  You obviously do not have what it takes to compete and succeed in a multi-ethnic Malaysia.

A Message to all UMNO Malays and reminder to Malaysians in MCA, MIC, Gerakan, PAS,  Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Harapan from Robin Sharma

For people like me and others of my generation, diversity is our nation’s strength; And competition and the capacity to overcome adversity build national resilience. To us, integrity and honesty, therefore, matter. These qualities define my generation of Malaysians.

To the Malays I say this: it is time we change our mindset and learn to reject handouts  and show the world that as a people we have dignity and integrity. 60 years of pampering by UMNO have weakened Malay society.

Fellow Malaysians make sure you go out in full force to vote in GE-14. We may not win because there will be massive fraud and all that gerrymandering. But give yourself the chance to make difference.

I am sorry, I am unable to vote because I lost my voting rights and could not vote in GE-13. That said, I reject UMNO-BN, the coalition of the corrupt and incompetent violators of Rukun Negara and the Constitution.–Din Merican

Vote for the Survival of the Malays urges Anina

by Annabelle Lee

As the 14th General Election looms, former Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu) member Anina Saadudin has urged Malays to vote for a party that will ensure the survival of their future generations.

“Now, the Malays are split among five parties – Umno, Bersatu, Amanah, PAS and PKR. From a big race, we are now split into small groups. This is dangerous for our race. We need to think about the survival of the Malay race (in this country).

“So when you vote, don’t just vote for yourself but think about voting for the future, vote for your children and for the future of this nation,” Anina told a press conference at the soft launch of her new non-governmental organisation (NGO) – Empirical Malaysia.

‘We are not racist’

Registered last October, the NGO aims to produce empirical studies on economic issues faced by the Malays and the bumiputera.

“If Malay politics fails, then the economic situation of the Malays will fail because economic initiatives are dependent on the initiatives of political leaders,” Anina added.

She identified the main economic issue faced by the Malays to be a “disparity gap” in the economic ability between them and other races.

Anina also vowed to formulate empirical-based policy recommendations on how existing pro-bumiputera government schemes and policies could be improved to close this gap.

“Solving this (disparity gap) will help solve the bigger issue.It will bring unity to all races,” she said, stressing that defending the rights of one’s race did not mean one was racist.

Anina maintained her NGO was independent and not funded by the government, She also vowed never to attempt crowdfunding.

“We will get funds from private entities. That way, we will be free to comment on anyone, our hands won’t be tied.

“We don’t want to do crowdfunding because we don’t want to burden the rakyat. We don’t need millions, unlike Invoke,” she said, referring to the think-tank headed by PKR vice-president Rafizi Ramli.

Anina, who left Bersatu last September after lamenting that the party was badly governedby leaders who could not take criticism, added that she has left politics for good and would now focus on using Empirical Malaysia as her platform for activism.