Universiti Malaya can’t stay afloat with budget cuts, says ex-VC
Jan 19, 2017Ghauth Jasmon UM VC from 2008 to 2013
Ghauth says university dipping into reserves
UM has 5,000 academic and admin staff.
will need to cut 2,000 jobs to surviveProfessors on contract told to end services
UM bankrupt in three to five yearsgomen slashed funds by half, said Ghauth
UM received RM550m yearly, slashed 2 years ago.
UM faces cuts of RM270 million.

top management are academicians
no clues how to raise money

Other public universities facing same problem
big crisis in universities

public university is waiting to die. That’s is how I see it,  not heard of any solutions

all VCs have no answers to cope with budget cuts

renting out gym, organising competitions at swimming pool
That is the sort of things they are doing (to raise funds).

Ghauth predicts public universities forced to sell assets
large number of school leavers unable to continue tertiary education

Universiti Teknologi Mara, facing cuts of RM946m a year
UITM has 200,000 students
RM1b budget cuts not able to sustain UITM student number
Where are the school leavers going to go?”

My comments : I say, this brader Ghauth Jasmon sangat kurang peka lah. University Malaya is located in Bangsar err. . . err Bangsar West.  Say the UM campus is about 500 acres in size.  Land in Bangsar is close to RM1000 psf.  I think your problems are solved.

An acre has 43,560 sf. At RM1000 psf, an acre in Bangsar West can fetch RM43,560,000 or RM43.6 million. Problem solved. The UM campus is easily worth about RM22 Billion.
(Err if I am mistaken and the UM campus is closer to 1000 acres in size, then it is worth RM43.5 BILLION. Problem completely solved. Call Kak Rosmah now!)
Here is my suggestion.  Call the Ketua Bahagian UMNO of Lembah Pantai.  Offer them a ‘kau tim’ suggestion. Ask them to call the geniuses at 1MDB, Bandar Malaysia, Khazanah Nasional etc. Then the geniuses can call the Chinese.
First UM sells the campus land to Two Em Dibi for say  RM60 psf.
Then Two Em Dibi sells the land to the Chinese for RM1000 psf.
In Bangsar South the apartments are now selling for RM900 psf and below.
Ada juga RM750 psf.
Who knows maybe in the new Bangsar West they can sell for RM1000 psf?
Then UM can take the RM60 psf they get,  and go and climb back into the trees.   Pokok jambu senang sikit nak panjat. Boleh research buah jambu from direct inside the tree. Jimat duit buat laboratory etc. Panjat atas pokok saja.

Thats one suggestion.Anyway here is a comical rebuttal by the present Vice Chancellor of University Malaya. Also from Free Malaysia Today:

University taken measures to ensure income of RM300m this year
from postgraduate fees, rentals and investments
UM VC Prof Amin Jalaludin said Ghauth’s opinion did not reflect situation
we anticipate RM300m internal income, postgraduate fees, rentals, investments
and through development of its land banks  (aha !!)

invest in lucrative sectors, namely plantation  (Err . . have you called Felda?)

other revenue streams : providing training, consultancy, smart partnerships

My comments :

They need RM550 million annually.
Now they are getting RM280 million from the gomen.
The shortfall is RM270 million.

The present VC says they project they can ensure RM300 million this year.

I say brader, this RM300m must include the RM280m from the gomen Budget.
Meaning your incremental is only about RM20m.

Where and how are you going to find RM20 million?
Academicians who do not know a single thing about raising funds can suddenly find RM20 million ??

You want to enter the lucratice plantation sector?
I say brader Eagle High Plantation sudah di beli oleh Felda.
Maybe you can buy up Eagle Not So High Plantation ?

Here is my suggestion.

Maintain the teaching staff (lecturers, professors) in science, technology, English depts / faculties.

Maintain selective research staff in science and technology faculties.

Trim down non critical staff / faculties : religious lecturers, religious departments, sejarah,  geography, pelik-pelik courses etc.

Boost up all science, tech, management, economic, English language teachers / faculties.

Rehire selective contract staff at lower salaries. Apa nak buat? Duit tak cukup.

If you can, ask the JPA to offer potong gaji to all staff – potong minimum 20% (tapi cannot because these are gomen staff. Gomen salary scales cannot be cut.)

Increase full fee paying slots (100% no subsidy) for foreign students in medicine, dentistry, engineering, law, veterinary sciences etc.

Dont sell your land along Jalan University or the Lembah Pantai campus.

If it is leasehold land, first renew the lease from the State Govt

Then LEASE OUT to developers for 60 years.


Same if it is Freehold land.

No need to fork out any cash to develop any of the land.The developers will bring their own cash. (Unless it is that Ketua Bahagian fellow – be careful.)

Accept some payment in cash and some payment in ownership of developed properties to collect long term rental.

(But can you do all this in three years? I dont think so. Just to build one bungalow house it takes my wife and I about 18  months from purchase of land  to completion of construction).

Go through all the research papers gathering dust in your archives, patents, technologies etc that your researchers have completed and sell them in the market. Jual murah lah.  And sell to anyone and everyone.

Offer your labs to commercial users. If someone needs to test something, have a prototype made, needs to use some high tech equipment then let them use your labs equipment and expertise.

Charge them for it. Jangan letak harga tinggi bodoh macam golongan yang tak tahu niaga.  Check what is the reasonable market cost or market price and charge them accordingly.  Bukan susah nak belajar niaga ok.

Hire VC, professor, lecturer yang boleh deliver dan pandai cari duit.  Tak kisah Melayu, Cina, India, Mamak, Iban atau Dusun. Asal orang Malaysia lah. Jangan pilih bulu. Deal with everyone.  Now is not the time to pilih bulu.

Sebab pilih bulu lah sekarang sudah nak jadi bankrap.

Kena ikut immutable laws of business, finance and economics.

Tak boleh ikut  nonsensical, illogical and un-economic laws of pilih bulu.